*We welcome the submission from all Asian filmmakers!*

Established since 2022, HK.kino.Berlin is a cultural platform for screenings and exhibitions about Hong Kong independent cinema and video works in the heart of Berlin. Considering the censorship practices that the government aims to increase, we uphold the freedom of expression through films.

In summer 2023, we decided to expand the diversity of the video works, as well as the size of the audience. We hope to include more art films with special storytelling skills made by the filmmakers from Asian countries. We aim to enhance people’s awareness of Asian cinema.

1. The screening will be held regularly in the cinema or gallery spaces in Berlin.

2. The films must be related to Asian cultures or the films must be filmed by Asian filmmakers.

3. Films are to be submitted in their original version for the selection process. Films in different languages must be subtitled in English.

4. Projects need to be completed from January 1, 2020, to be eligible for consideration.