The IV edition of the Guayaquil International Film Festival will be celebrated from september 22nd – 29th, 2018 in the city of Santiago de Guayaquil, Ecuador. 5 venues, Mexico as our guess country; workshops, master classes and special galas. A real filmmaking reunion.

The Golden Iguana award in almost 25 categories.

- Films from anywhere in the world, all genres, niches and types in all formats. Independent cinema, low or high budget, author's cinema and all the themes, whether short or feature films; fiction, documentary or animation. Foreign language films must be subtitled in Spanish, otherwise they will be disqualified.

- To the official competition, we are accepting films whose completion has been made since January 2017.

- The festival accepts short films of 1 minute up to a maximum of 15 minutes in length and feature films, starting at 50 minutes without a maximum duration limit. There is no exception for any category or gender. Unfinished jobs will not be accepted.

- Each filmmaker, production or distribution company, must register it work in the corresponding category. There are no registration limits.
Specific details about each categories, on its own section.

Group 1

• International feature film competition: fiction.
• International feature film competition: documentaries.
• International short film competition: fiction.
• International short film competition: documentaries.
• Feature films and international animated short films.

Group 2

• International university short films.
• Ecuadorian university short films.
• high school short films.
• Music videos
• Opera Prima: Category for debuting filmmakers (fiction or documentary feature films).
• Cineminute: This competition will be by internet. The films that become part of the official selection, will be exposed in the YouTube channel of the festival and the projects that have the highest visualizations, in each section, will have the awards.

Group 3

• Guayaquil Lab: The exclusive parameters of this category can be found in our web site, check out there to see details.
• Films in Progress: The exclusive parameters of this category can be found in our web site, check out there to see details.

Group 4

• Focus on Ecuador: Exclusive category for professional, (non-university), short or long-term Ecuadorian jobs; fiction, documentary and / or animated. Films shot only in the Republic of Ecuador, by local or foreign filmmakers or companies with management in the country, contributing to the activity of the industry or that in 80% have locations in Ecuador. The province of Guayas is excluded since it has a specific category. Lastly, films whose directors, producers or screenwriters were born in Ecuador will be considered in this category.

Group 5

• Focus on Guayas: Exclusive category for professional (non-university) jobs from the province of Guayas, short or long; fiction, documentary and / or animated. Films shot only in the province of Guayas by local or foreign filmmakers or companies with management in the province of Guayas that contribute to the activity of the industry or that in 80% have locations in Guayas. Finally, the works whose directors, producers or screenwriters were born in Guayas will be considered in this category.

- For the official competition, participating films can not have any type of exhibition open online during the selection process. Films that are available and publicly by any online channel, will be automatically disqualified.

- The official selection and awards has no appeal.

- University short films must have the following information at the end of the corresponding credits: University, faculty, semester, parallel, subject for which the project was carried out, year of production and facilitator.

- The projects that are selected by the festival: the signatory is responsible for sending the film to be projected via the internet in the highest quality, to the official email of the festival. This version, if it is different from the one sent for the official selection, must reach our email, maximum on August 15, 2018. The registration to the festival is voluntary, therefore the producers and distributors who make the same, commit themselves to send us the film and not to remove it from the festival if selected.

- All participating films become part of the festival's film library, located in the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador.

- The person signing at the time of registration, confirms that they have all rights to the exhibition of the work, including script, music, audio, photography, video and graphics.

- Registration values:
Except for Focus in Ecuador, Guayas, University Shorts, High school shorts, Minute Lumiere and the guest country.
Fiction, documentary and animated feature films: $ 5
Fiction, documentary and animated short films: $ 3
Guayaquil Lab $ 3
Music Video $ 2
Films in Progress $ 2
Opera Prima (feature films) $5

- The values ​​are not reimbursable or ensure entry to the official selection, in competition or outside it.

For more information, email us to, leaving your doubts clear, to solve it in the most efficient way, or contact us at the following numbers +593 989965410 (Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm) in Ecuador or visit us in our social networks @festicineguayaquil.


Overall Rating
  • Una linda experiencia!
    El cariño y atención de los organizadores es muy grata.
    Gracias por poner más cine en Guayaquil.

    October 2018
  • Me gusto que consideraran mi trabajo para el evento desafortunadamente no se cubrían los gastos del viaje y no pude asistir aunque me hubiera encantado.

    October 2018
  • I went in person and enjoyed the city. But the festival was very poor. The hospitality was kind of weird and there was not even one networking event or one festival party to get to meet people. I was a bit disappointed.
    Fortunately I got to meet people related to cinema, but it was on my own, not through the festival.

    October 2018