The VII edition of the Guayaquil International Film Festival will be celebrated in virtual mode, from september 4 – 11st, 2021 from the city of Santiago de Guayaquil, Ecuador. Workshops, forums, and master classes. The biggest filmmaking experience in town.

1.- The winning filmmakers in the fiction categories: Best Film of the Festival and Best Ecuadorian Film, will have the option to monetize their work on MiOTT, from the date and the countries they consider appropriate. MiOTT offers to send the trailer of your film via SMS to 100,000 homes to encourage their rental on the platform.

2.- The winning films in the fiction categories: Best international short film, best Ecuadorian short film, best short film from Guayaquil, best international university short film, best Ecuadorian university short film and best university short film from Guayaquil, will be part of the programing at the International Film Festival Cinema of America, from the city of Pachuca, Mexico, to be held in May 2022; and others internationals films festivals, up to one year after participating in Guayaquil.

3.- The Golden Iguana award in almost 25 categories.

- Films from anywhere in the world, all genres, niches and types of film in all formats, call this independent, low or high budget cinema, author cinema and all thematic, whether short films or feature films or Documentary as animation. Films whose main language is not Spanish must be subtitled in this language, otherwise they will be disqualified.

- They will be able to participate for the official competition, films whose culmination has been made as of January 2020.

- The festival accepts short films of 1 minute up to a maximum of 15 minutes and feature films, from 50 minutes without a maximum duration limit. There is no exception for any category or gender. Unfinished work will not be accepted.

- Each filmmaker, production or distribution company of the film he represents, must register his work in the corresponding category. There are no registration limits.

Below, we detail the division by groups and sections:

Group 1

- International feature film competition: fiction.
- International feature film competition: documentaries.
- International short film competition: fiction.
- International competition of short films: documentaries.
- International animated films and short films.
- Opera Prima: Category for debut filmmakers (feature films or documentaries).
- International university short films

Group 2

- Music videos (online competition)
- Cineminuto (online competition)
- Guayaquil Lab: The exclusive parameters of this category are found in the web site of the festival.
- In Progress: The exclusive parameters of this category are found in the web site of the festival.

Group 3

- Focus on Ecuador: Exclusive category for professional Ecuadorian films, short or feature; fiction, documentary and / or animated. It includes university shorts. Films shot only in the Republic of Ecuador, by local or foreign filmmakers or companies that contribute to the activity of the industry or that in 80% have locations in Ecuador. The province of Guayas is excluded as it has a specific category. Films whose directors, producers or screenwriters have been born in Ecuador will be considered as a film of this category.

Group 4

- Focus on Guayas: Exclusive category for professional works in the province of Guayas, short or long; fiction, documentary and / or animated. It includes university shorts. Films shot only in the province of Guayas by local or foreign filmmakers or companies that contribute to the activity of the industry or that in 80% have locations in Guayas. Films whose directors, producers or screenwriters have been born in Guayas will be considered as a film of this category.

- For the official competition, the participating films cannot have any type of exhibition open on the internet during the selection process. Films that are available and publicly through any online channel will be automatically disqualified.

- They will have preference to be chosen for our Official Selection, the Ecuadorian and Guayaquil feature films that have not been previously screened at festivals or commercially in Guayaquil.

- All registered films that have the requirements, from their official selection are automatically part of the competition for the "Golden Iguana" (feature films) and the "Silver Iguana" (short films), top awards of the festival. In case of believing it prudent, the festival reserves the right of admission to competition, which means that there may be cases in which the film is selected, but out of competition.

- The official selection and awards have no appeal.

- University short films must have the following information at the end of the corresponding credits: University, faculty, semester, parallel, subject matter for which the project was made, year of production and facilitator.

- Of the projects that are selected by the festival, the signatory person is responsible for the sending of the film for its projection via internet in maximum quality, to the email: This version (if it is an updated one to which you sent for the call) must reach our email, maximum on august 7, 2021.

The registration to the festival is voluntary, therefore the producers and distributors who make it, undertake to send us their film and not withdraw it from the festival if they are selected.

- The films to participate in our 2021 edition will be presented online through the MiOTT platform for exclusive projection throughout the Festival (8 days). The filmmakers, producers and distributors of the selected films will not have an economic remuneration for the projections.

- All participating films become part of the film library of the festival.

- The signatory person at the time of registration, confirms that he has all the rights of the exhibition of the work, including script, music, audio, photography, video and graphics.

- Registration values:
The amounts to be paid for registration will vary according to the date and category of the film.
From this year the following periods are established, with their respective rates:
Early registration, from February 1 to 28, 2021.
Standard registration, from March 1 to April 15, 2021.
Late registration, from April 16 to May 15, 2021.
Extended registration, from May 16 to June 15, 2021.

More information, send us an email to or contact us at the following number +593 968165892, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Ecuador or visit us on our social networks @festicineguayaquil.


Overall Rating
  • Oliver Stiller

    For an (hopefully) emerging filmmaker like me it is a great success to take part with a film at Guayaquil International Film Festival. I recommend to you stay with film and try to take part at this event.

    The festival was carefully prepared, this year it was an online version. It was a pleasure to be part of it, it was great that there were online discussions with the filmmakers. This festival gives a platform to the filmmakers and celebrate the films, the most essential quality of festivals.

    The festival impressed me very much due to the great preparation and the exciting schedule.

    Winning a silver iguana was a big surprise, I would like to thank the audience, the jurors and the organisers of the festival.

    Thank you very much and hope to see you again!!

    October 2020
  • Kateryna Tiurina

    Dear Guayaquil thank you for your big and important work in cinematography. Happy be a part of your festival!

    October 2020
  • The festival did a great job adapting to the Covid situation. They kept the excitement high even though it was online. The films that I saw were all very good. When we participated in the virtual forum it was very interesting. Thank you very much for including our short documentary LA CHARADA TEATRO. Hopefully in the future we can visit in person.

    October 2020
  • Hospitable festival.
    Thank you for the opportunity to stay informed and watch programs online.

    October 2020
  • Um ótimo festival um dos melhores que participamos, espero participar das próximas edições

    October 2020