A home for the biggest, baddest, in your face, down your throat, melt your brain Horror, Sci-fi , Action , Martial Arts , Exploitation , Mobsploitation , Sexploitation and everything-elsploitation. You will find no dramas, no rom-coms and no musicals ( unless totally twisted )

The best new Grindhouse movies are shown at an epic festival held at one of the UK's longest running entertainment venues - The Legendary Shed Venue.

What you will find at the Grindhouse Planet festival is a playlist of movies like no other. Each film is selected by a Panel of Grindhouse connoisseurs form around the globe. The festival is for film fans and filmmakers to meet like-minded people, have a drink, watch some movies, eat some Pizza ( for free!! ) and have a bloody good time. There is a movie stall hosted by The Cult Movie Store where some rare Grindhouse flicks can be purchased, along with lots of other stalls offering Grindhouse goodies.

There is also a chance to attend Q&A sessions with some of the planet's best Grindhouse directors and producers.

Want more?

There is more! Much more!! How about a music festival at the same time? You got it. As well as all of the awesome films, there are live bands playing throughout the day. From Thrash Metal and Punk to Acoustic & Electronic, there is something for everyone. You may even find your next Grindhouse soundtrack.

Our sponsors Acclaim Video - Genre & Grindhouse film distributors are also be at the event with a stall stocked with exclusive limited edition DVDs and Blu-rays.


Winners receive award trophies, invites to the screenings & awards ceremony and a place on the Grindhouse Planet wall of fame.

Where available, trailers for Official Selections are screened throughout the day.

All films must be original productions and copyrights must belong to the submitter.

Films should be in English language OR have English subtitles.

By submitting to the Grindhouse Planet Film Festival, the film maker grants Grindhouse Planet the right to use the film trailer for promotional use in part or whole unless requested not to do so.

Only winning films in each category are screened at the Festival unless otherwise stated at the notifications stage.

The Judges decision is final.

Overall Rating
  • Newton Wallen

    Excellent festival. fantastic and prompt communication with filmmakers. Was honored to have had my GORE-ILLA short screen and win best trailer at this event. I very much look forward to next year

    December 2018
  • Mack Lewis

    Thanks for selecting HELLCATS HIGHWAY! to be included in your festival! It's world premiere screening!! Wish I could have been there to see the audience's reaction.

    December 2018
  • Todd Sheets

    Grindhouse Planet is amazing. Friendly and always searching for films that bring back feelings of a forgotten era. We are very proud to be included.

    February 2018
  • Beau Fowler

    A fun genre (everything ploitation) based Festival in its 2nd year. Had a blast watching a varied collection of films. Run by a very warm team of filmmakers. Had some email issues but as soon as I started to message directly via their website each response was swift and helpful. If you're movie fits the bill I definitely recommend entering :)

    December 2017
  • Jim Martin

    A fantastic festival based in the UK, Grindhouse Planet supports independent exploitation, camp and cult cinema in a way that few fests can claim to. While our film screened, our producers were sadly stuck in LA, but we feel so lucky to have had ANOTHER YETI A LOVE STORY: LIFE ON THE STREETS play.

    December 2016
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Jim. And for anyone who missed ANOTHER YETI A LOVE STORY: LIFE ON THE STREETS - go check it out!