The Film Festival The Goddess on the Throne is an International annual Film Festival founded in 2002 as the first film festival in Kosovo by Besim Ajeti and being held in Fushe Kosova Railway Station in Kosovo.
Films are screened on the moving trains running from one city to another.
The Festival aims to represent and promote Kosovo's cinematography worldwide by creating and maintaining contacts with the filmmakers from around the globe through organizing film screenings and workshops in the most original ways,thus bringing together directors,filmmakers and artists to share values and to encourage and support their further work.

Awards & Prizes

"The Goddess on the Throne " golden statue for:
Best Feature Film
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Short Film
Special Award (best screenplay , best actor or actress in a short film)

7 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Anthony Nion

    Some problems of communication as the festival didn't send me informations about the selection and the screening of my movie. However they contacted me after the festival to confirm that my movie has been screened so it is respectul. The festival seems great but they need to improve their communication with directors and also to have a website that will be more updated (infos on movies, lineup, schedule, venues are missing)

    October 2017
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    mercedes gaspar

    A great Festivall, a taste that selected my work

    November 2016
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    Keishi Suenaga

    I think, Fest Film Kosova "The Goddess on the Throne (Hyjnesha në Fron)" is a very great film festival.
    Film Festival staff is all very excellence, and friendly.
    Hospitality for guests is great.
    Film Festival staff and the hotel staff also supports very heart warming.
    The audience is also enjoying the festival.
    It's so wonderful.
    I want to go be sure next year.

    September 2016
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    Hristo Poriazoff

    "The Goddess on the Throne" was created by real professionals.
    I spent time at the festival interesting and very fun.
    Selecting very good films from around the world.
    For me and "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL" was an honor to be in the official selection "The Goddess on the Throne" !!!

    September 2016
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    September 2016