Global Stage Hollywood is a film festival dedicated to diverse filmmaking. In our increasingly interconnected world, there is an ever greater need for platforms that help filmmakers cut through the noise and introduce their films to new audiences.

We embrace filmmakers who transcend national, cultural, and linguistic boundaries by creating films that connect to audiences around the world. We are interested in a wide range of genres, topics, and styles. Our diverse programming brings many audiences together, creating an opportunity for filmmakers to break out of their niches and expand to new audiences.

Our screenings will be held at the historic Chinese Theater in Hollywood. In addition to screenings, we will host panels and workshops oriented to helping international filmmakers navigate the ever changing film market.

Additionally, we will be launching the Global Stage Hollywood Film Lab, an organization dedicated to shepherding hidden gem projects from script development all the way to distribution.

Global Stage Hollywood is produced by the team behind 2019 & 2020 Japan Connects (Cuts) Hollywood and the 2021 Taiwan Biennial Film Festival. The team is led by Douglas Montgomery a 16 year+ veteran of Warner Bros and Global Connects Media. A-list Talent that has been involved include Ryoko Shinohara from "Bento Harassment", Yuki Amami and Sayuri Yoshinaga from "Bucket List", Masaya Kato from "Payback", Don Nomura and Ema Yamazaki from 2020's Sports Panel on "Koshien: Japan's Field of Dreams", plus director Chen-Hao Yin from Taiwan's 2021 smash hit "Man in Love".

Best Short Film - Asia
Best Short Film - Europe
Best Short Film - North America
Best Short Film - Middle East
Best Short Film - Africa
Bes Short Film - South America
Best Feature Film
Special Selection

Films must be completed within the last two years.
Rough Cuts will be considered if the final cut meets the extended deadline.
All films not in the English language must have English subtitles.