is a pay-per-view streaming channel for films that do not contain gratuitous violence. The channel is available worldwide.

We accept feature-length and short films, as well as TV and Web Series in the following categories:

▪ Narrative
▪ Documentary
▪ Docudrama
▪ Animation
▪ Experimental
▪ Music Videos
▪ TV Series
▪ Masterclasses

What to expect after submitting a film or TV series:

You will receive an answer by the end of the month following that in which you make the submission. If your project is accepted for distribution, you will receive a Contract Proposal to release your film on

Summary of our Distribution Contract terms:

1. Non-exclusive;
2. Proceeds are split 60/40 (60% goes to filmmaker);
3. Geo-blocking available.

All films submissions must meet the following minimum requirements:

1. Must be in English language OR have English subtitles;
2. Must NOT contain gratuitous violence;
3. Must have a minimum runtime of 5 minutes (except for music videos that can be shorter);
4. Must be in at least 720 HD resolution (preferred 1080P HD or higher);
5. Must have all underlying rights, including to all music used, cleared.

You may contact us, if you have questions, at:

Overall Rating
  • Collaborating with global cinema is perfect ..

    December 2022
  • Andi Imam Prakasa

    One of the best distribution film

    November 2022
  • Los Glosters

    It has been a fantastic experience!

    November 2022