International Student Short Film Competition 2021
Fifth Open Festival of Film, Science and Contemporary Art Gagarin.doc; (Saratov) is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Yury Gagarin first space flight. The essential part of it is the competition of the student short films FIRST!
The competition is dedicated to one and only topic - SPACE; in all the diversity of its
interpretations, there is no separate nominations.
Short documentaries and fiction films can be submitted to the competition (20 minutes or less).
To participate one can be a student from the institutes of general, secondary, higher and additional education. At the time of working on the competition work, its author must be a pupil or a student.
The submission deadline is March 31st, 2021.

Starting this year, the competition includes both national and international programs.

Applications for the International program are accepted via the festival page at FilmFreeway platform.
To participate in the national competition program, an application, a film itself and a scanned certificate from the place of study should be sent to the address of the festival .

The jury members will define the winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places among the participants of each program.

Also, within the competition of 2021, there will be named the winners in the ISOLATION; section (films about the COVID-19 pandemic). The applications were accepted from April 20th to September 20th, 2020.

Since 2020 th festival edition, two special prizes are awarded from the Festival Organizing Committee. One - for the merits in the field of popularizing science, space or art. The second - to young and promising filmmaker - a participant of the competition program.

Based on the results of online screenings, the film with the highest number of views receives People's Choice Award.

1. The film must be created by a student or group of students.
2. The film can be not longer than 30 minutes.
3. The topic of the film should be anyhow connected to space, cosmos.

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