AAlchemy’s “Give Me A Break” Film Festival – GMAB – may be exactly what you are looking for to showcase and win commercial streamer recognition for your creative genius.

Now in its seventh year providing free marketing support and funding for creator filmmakers, choreographers and dancers, the non-profit National Performing Arts Funding Exchange and its AAlchemy initiative have organized GMAB purposefully to showcase excellence in filmmaking and concert dance to the world's major streamers. When you click on the website link, you'll find out a lot more.

Submissions will be judged by an international team of senior film producers and performing artists who, during their professional careers, have been commissioned and supported by Google, the BBC, Apple, the African Games, major international venues, and major foundations to create and present compelling stage and screen productions.


With an emphasis on films and videos that incorporate and emphasize dance performance and choreography, GMAB is empowering innovative teams of filmmakers and performing artists to present short film works to new audiences and to major streamers like Netflix, HBO and Amazon.

GMAB reflects AAlchemy’s continuing focus on cinematic design, both traditional or experimental, that is centered on original choreographic themes and concert and site specific dance designed by creators, filmmakers and performers to tell a story.

Selected videos together with Festival winners will be presented during two days of screenings on September 27 and 28, 2022 in New York City at Arts On Site. Submission fees are minimal and Festival winners receive $500; details follow below.


Films will be judged on originality, creativity, cinematography, choreography, the story that the creators want to tell, and the ability of those creators to draw the audience into that story.

That is what AAlchemy’s “Immersion of the Mind” (tm) is all about: your ability to draw your audience so deeply into your story that they will be moved to tell others how much they have been swept away by your creativity.


NPAFE, AAlchemy and the GMAB Festival are purpose-built to provide filmmakers and performing artists a special space to express themselves, along with mentorship to help them navigate the cinematic and performing arts industries with confidence.

AAlchemy itself exists to meet the proven broad, deep, and growing audience demand for “Immersion of the Mind” immersive entertainment that viewers can experience at home via streaming ... without the need to wear expensive VR equipment.

Immersion of the Mind is achieved when creators and performers collaboratively take on the role of project directors, defining what they want the audience to be experiencing and how they want the camera people, film editors, and orchestrators to achieve this result.

Excellence in Filmography - $500
Excellence in Choreography - $500
Honorable Mention (x2) - $200
Laurels for above and for being selected for screening at the Festival


While submissions including the spoken word are eligible, GMAB will emphasize in its selection and awarding process those creations that rely primarily on performer movement, music, lighting, post-production and orchestration that avoid primary reliance on the spoken word to convey the story being told.


----------------------------------VIDEO SUBMISSIONS----------------------------------

• GMAB will refer to all submissions as videos whether originally created in video or film format.

• 16 videos will be presented at the screening Festival. Videos must be original to the creators, must have been completed in the past 5 years and must be submitted electronically and in high resolution format.

• Videos must be 15 minutes or less and must include English subtitles unless the spoken language is English.

• Videos are eligible regardless of premiere status. If your video has already premiered, it is still eligible for GMAB. Works-in-progress and animations are NOT eligible.

• Submitters must own all rights to any submitted video, must confirm this and that they have secured all necessary copyright clearances of any copyrighted material including music that is included in the video.

• GMAB must be able to download and, if selected, stream your video during the festival entirely fee-free.

• GMAB, AAlchemy, and NPAFE must have submitters' authorization to screen submitted video trailers and related marketing material before, during, and after the Festival.

---------------------------VIDEOS MUST BE IN FINAL FORM---------------------------

• If selected, your video must be available for download in final form to GMAB no later than Friday, September 2, 2022 if it was not in final form when first submitted.

• It is the submitter’s sole responsibility to confirm that the video already in GMAB’s hands is or is not the final version.

• In any instance when the video downloaded to GMAB is not the final version, the submitter understands and accepts that it is solely the submitter’s responsibility to deliver the final version by the deadline date indicated above.

• Absent delivery by the submitter of the final video version by that deadline, the video will not be presented at Festival time.

--------------------------------------OTHER RULES--------------------------------------

• GMAB will have the right to use a trailer, stills, images and posters for the video for GMAB promotional purposes.

• All festival programming decisions are made by GMAB and AAlchemy staff and its selection committee.

• Persons associated with AAlchemy are not eligible to submit videos for consideration by the Selection Committee.

-----------------------------------HOW TO SUBMIT-----------------------------------

• To submit a video, please use FilmFreeway.

• Submitters may submit more than one video. Each must be submitted separately with a separate application fee.

• Application fees are non-refundable.

• All applicants will receive an email by July 8, 2022 indicating whether their submissions have been accepted for showing at the Give Me A Break Film Festival. Should you not receive an email by that date, please contact us directly at gmab@aalchemy.org.

• Email with questions or comments to gmab@aalchemy.org.