GINDIE Independent Film Festival is a short, long short and feature film competition festival between 17-18 July, 2021.

Due to COVID-19, this years festival will be 100% online.

Its aim is to provide quality films to our festival audience with attention to live-action and animated works which hold particular attention to the craft of performance, cinematography, sound and score, and editing.

We are seeking shorts, long shorts and features in documentary, animation, live action and narrative films under 25 minutes each, long short between 25 - 59 mins and feature films between 60 -140 mins each but there are no restrictions on when or where the film was made as long as the film itself can be classified into a general audience rating.

Feature Film
- 60 - 140 mins

- Narrative

- Documentary

- Animation

Long Short Film
- between 25 - 59 mins

- Narrative

- Documentary

- Animation

Short Film
- 25mins or under

- Narrative

- Documentary

- Animation

Music Video Clip

If you have an interesting live action or animated film, we warmly welcome you to submit to our film section of our festival. With many best wishes - the GINDIE Committee.

Best Film
Best Documentary
Best Animation
Best Music Video
Best Experimental

Best Director
Best Cinematographer
Best Editing
Best Sound and Score
Best Performer
Best Story

(1) Short live action and short animated films of up to 25 minutes, long short films between 25-59mins and feature films between 60-140 minutes in total duration including credits are welcome to submit into the festival before the closing date and no submissions will be considered after the closing date without exception.

(2) Short film screening copies for Official Selection will be provided by the film maker to the festival as 1920 x 1080 16:9 (or 2K 2:39.1 scope for feature films) as ProRes HQ mov files in stereo or 5.1 sound formats with no closed captions or watermark.

(3) There are no premiere requirements and you are welcome to submit films which have been screened at other festivals in previous years as long as you notify us with details of prior screenings for our festival marketing.

(4) All costs such as freight, travel, accommodation, and any other related fees are the responsibility of the rights holder.

(5) Notification - successful films will be invited into Official Selection by email and FilmFreeway's selection status and unsuccessful submissions will be notified through FilmFreeway's selection status only.

(6) There is no age limit to film makers who wish to enter a film into consideration.

(7) We do not consider material which can be understood as rough cuts, TVCs, corporate or trainings, pornographic or erotic, home video, and or a work in progress film.

(8) The decision of the selection committee is final with no exceptions.

(9) No feedback will be provided on your submission.

(10) We will not consider films which are outside the acceptance of the Australian film classification range of G, PG, M, M15+, and R however you do not have to hold an official classification rating.

(11) Nine Awards will be granted in the festival (see awards section for list).

(12) Submitting to the festival does not guarantee inclusion into Official Selection.

(13) By submitting to the festival, you agree to waiver all legal action against the festival, its organisers, venue, associates, stakeholders, families and or affiliates.

(14) All subtitles (if applicable) must be in English as 'burnt in'.

(15) All submissions must be made by the film's rights holder.

(16) All films must have all clearances made before submission.

(1)The festival is conceived and organised by Honey Arts International with the intention of providing an annual film festival which is based on the platform of screening unique films.

(2) Submission reviewers are looking for films which have engaging stories regardless of the film maker's track record or experience, which respect the craft of production and post-production and have a sense of polished sound and vision.

(3) All copies of successful and unsuccessful submissions will be deleted at the conclusion of the festival.

(4) All Official Selection films will be represented on the festival website with a high quality still, a short synopsis, and technical detail provided by the rights holder.

(5) If you are having difficulty in sending us your selected film, please get in touch with us in a reasonable timeframe so we can discuss your situation.

(6) All Official Selection films will receive emailed festival laurels.

(7) We have no issue if dialogue in your film is not in English. In fact, we encourage non-English language films to be submitted in the lineup but if this is the case, please submit the film with burnt in English subtitles using 90% white, Helvetica font and centre justified alignment where possible.

(8) By submitting to the festival you agree to the rules and terms.

Overall Rating
  • Iván Sáinz-Pardo

    NIce communication, well done guys!!

    October 2020
  • Bradley Murnane

    GINDIE20 is a great platform for films to be seen and showcased so many thanks to Tammy all the team members who made it all happen. Great opportunity for up and coming filmmakers and creatives. Well done !

    September 2020
  • Ash Ball

    We felt so honoured to have our short documentary feature in this year's festival. We felt honoured to be a part of it. Such a brilliant festival, run so efficiently (even through this year's chaos). Thank you for recognising so many great film makers.

    September 2020
  • Sara Robin

    A wonderful selection of films, and great communication throughout! Loved screening my film here. It was a virtual festival this year (2020), so in many ways it was a different experience, but the GINDIE team made it a terrific experience in spite of that.

    September 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Sara, for being in GINDIE20.

  • Thank you for your good festival

    September 2020