NYC Black Filmmakers! The Luminal is looking for new short films and media made by Black filmmakers for our new quarterly film series in Brooklyn NYC.

This showcase will expose fresh audiences to new Black films, and Black filmmakers and creatives to each other’s dynamic work. Comedies, Dramas, Documentaries, Web Series, Experimental Films, and New Media are all accepted. See Rules & Terms for extra criteria.

And oh yeah...we’ll be awarding a cash (!) prize to the winner of each showcase!

Please feel free to email us with any questions.

cash award to winner of each showcase and special prizes to selected filmmakers

Submitted films should be directed or produced by Black filmmakers from or currently living in New York City. Our emphasis is on local! You must submit evidence (or have it made plain on your film's page) that your film has Black/African-American/African diaspora director or producer

Films completed between Oct. 2018-Sept. 2020 are eligible.

Digital screeners only.

As our showcase is quarterly (Spring, Summer, Fall, late Fall/early Winter), submissions will be accepted through September 2020. Look out for new calls each quarter.