The upcoming edition of FREIBURGER FILMFORUM - FESTIVAL OF TRANSCULTURAL CINEMA will take place from the 11th to the 21st of May, 2023 as a hybrid event.
For the 20th edition of Filmforum, we are following up on our idea of JUNCTIONS: the simultaneous screening of films in different locations and the interconnection of the audiences through digital space. The JUNCTION program is co-curated with our partners at docubox, Nairobi and the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and will be screened in addition to the main festival. The on-site film screenings at the venues in Ahmedabad, Nairobi and Freiburg will be complemented by shared discussions with the respective audience in each location.

For the upcoming edition, the festival welcomes submissions in two categories:
1) STUDENTS' PLATFORM: The students' section calls for debut and student works by aspiring filmmakers, media artists and visual anthropologists. There are no restrictions in terms of content and form. Fictional, experimental, documentary films and other multimodal projects are welcome, if they are dedicated to a multi-layered portrayal of human experiences in their social contexts.
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2) FILMING FUTURES: Together with our partners of Emergent Futures CoLab we are co-curating a line-up of films and multimodal outputs that are speculating and rethinking the future(s) from various perspectives. For this category, we are searching for films and audio, visual and digital outputs that deal with futures,utopian/dystopian imaginations, our understanding of time and related topics.
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*About the Filmforum*

Since its founding in 1985, the biannual FREIBURGER FILMFORUM - FESTIVAL OF TRANSCULTURAL CINEMA has been dedicated to a sensitive portrayal of current, historical, socio-political, and cultural issues. In recent years, the festival has focussed on the question of the West's responsibility regarding its colonial history and the restitution of cultural goods as well as the increasing urbanization and its consequences. Global societal asymmetries, war, and displacement are, inevitably, recurring topics.
Back in 2015, the STUDENTS’ PLATFORM was established as a section for debut and student filmmakers and visual anthropologists from across the globe. Attached to the main forum, its selection gives an insight into the diversity, creativity and originality of the next generation of filmmakers.
In 19 editions of the Filmforum to date, about 800 films from 90 different countries on all continents were shown and discussed with the audience. Students and academics from a wide range of universities and disciplines as well as film enthusiasts from across the globe use the festival as an opportunity for transcultural exchange, dialogue and discussions.

The festival strives for a workshop-like atmosphere instead of competition. There are no prices or awards. The festival does not pay a screening fee for debut and student films.

*Please make sure to read our Rules & Terms carefully before submitting your work*

1) Please select one of the categories that fits your: 1) STUDENTS' PLATFORM (debut/student film) or 2) FILMING FUTURES (work dealing with future(s)). Films that do not fit into one of these categories will not be considered.
2) Filmmakers are asked to provide a director's note, a downloadable file / vimeo link of their film with English subtitles, along with synopsis and selected film stills in high resolution. Films without English subtitles will not be considered.
3) The selected films for our JUNCTION program will be screened both online and on-site at the Kommunales Kino, Freiburg and simultaneously our cooperation partners' venues at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and/or the UNSEEN cinema in Nairobi, Kenia.
4) The submission fee for our STUDENTS' PLATFORM is 5 Euro. If you are a student, a filmmaker from the Global South and/or a person with low income and cannot afford the submission fee, please reach out to us for a discount via with a short synopsis & a trailer of your film.
5) Submissions for our STUDENTS' PLATFORM may be debuts or student films of any genre (fiction, documentary, animation or experimental) and length, dealing with socio-cultural topics in the widest sense. Additionally, VR, AR, 360 and iDoc projects are highly welcome. The film should have been produced after February, 2021.
6) Submissions for our FILMING FUTURES program may be films or other multimodal projects which explore the topic of future, future-making and related topics such as utopia/dystopia or temporality in the widest sense. We welcome a variety of formats, including but not limited to film, VR, AR, 360, iDoc, sound installations, and photography projects.