Filmmakers, what’s your Frame of Mind about Texas?

“Frame of Mind,” is a TV series spotlighting independent film: documentaries to animated shorts, narratives to experimental works. The show airs on KERA Public Television, based in North Texas. It’s produced by the Video Association of Dallas.

This year we making available selected episodes statewide on Texas PBS stations across the State reaching a wide, diverse Texas public television audience.

We are taking submissions from filmmakers to consider for broadcast next season (Fall 2022).

We are looking for work that has ties to or is inspired by Texas: The film could be made in Texas OR address some aspect of life in the state OR made by filmmakers currently residing in Texas OR is about a Texan

While we love a good cowboy hat, we know that over 29 million people live here. Their traditions and their stories are far more interesting to us than stereotypes about the state.

To get a sense of the breadth and variety of our show, check out last season’s lineup:

You can browse through the stories we share about each show:

For 30 years, “Frame of Mind” has been a platform for all sorts of Indie filmmakers, from established professionals to high school seniors. The 13-episode season is watched on KERA TV by thousands of North Texans.

It’s curated and produced by Bart Weiss, artistic director of the Video Association of Dallas and producer of “Frame of Mind” since 1995. The show was created in 1991 by Suzanne Dooley and Marlis Schmidt.

Frame of Mind is a co-production from Art&Seek and Video Association of Dallas. We are just thrilled to be able to give some shine to the thriving filmmaking community in Texas.

Filmmakers are paid a one-time fee of $10/minute

Must be about Texas, filmed in Texas, or have a Texas director or producer.

Films may be any length, up to a maximum of 57 minutes.

We are looking for all genres, including features, documentaries, shorts, student films and experimental films.

Please submit a digital file for consideration.

If selected for broadcast, filmmaker must supply either a ProRes or H.264 file, 1920x1080. In addition, if selected, an electronic press kit with filmmaker bios, photo stills, film trailers is required.

In order to be eligible, the film must satisfy one of the following criteria:
1. Principally filmed in Texas
2. Addresses some aspect of Texas history or culture.
3. Key cast or crew (director, producer, screenwriter, actors) are current residents of Texas.
4. About a Texan

If selected, Producer will need to sign a contract affirming they have secured all necessary rights, releases and clearances with respect to all persons participating in the production of this program and agrees to hold KERA harmless against all claims, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees which may be suffered due to any breach of these warranties made by the producer. KERA agrees to hold Producer harmless against all claims, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees which may be suffered due to any breach of these warranties made by KERA.

The agreement will be entered into and will be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. The rights and responsibilities expressed in the contract will remain with the legal successors to the parties of this agreement.

The agreement embraces the entire understanding of both parties and may not be altered, amended or modified except in writing signed by both parties.

Overall Rating
  • We are honored to have had our work selected for this broadcast. Huge thanks to Bart Weiss who has been such an inspiring advocate for independent film.

    January 2022
  • George Wada

    I am honored to be part of KERA-TV Frame of Mind program. If you are a Texas filmmaker, this is the place to show your work.

    January 2022

    Amazing opportunity to have your film air on KERA PBS! The communication was exceptional between Bart Weiss and his team. My film premiered the 2019 season of Frame of Mind and the feedback was incredible. The film looked great on TV and it was a true honor to have a broadcast premiere across North Texas. Read the rules for eligibility, and if your film fits the criteria then submit!! It has been a highlight in my filmmaking career.

    December 2019