The Follow your heart Short Film Festival is an event that attracts cinema enthusiasts, critics, and creative minds from all over the world. It is organized to showcase unique, entertaining, and vibrant films that touch upon various themes and genres in cinema.

At our film festival, screenings of short films of various genres and themes take place, from dramas to comedies, experimental works, and animated films. It becomes a real cinematic palette, where every viewer can find a film to their taste.

One of the main goals of the festival is to draw attention to new creative ideas, innovations, and experiments in the world of cinema. The festival serves as a platform for communication, collaboration, and exchange of experience between filmmakers, critics, and cinema enthusiasts.

Visit this festival to enjoy high-quality cinema in interesting company, meet new friends, colleagues, and perhaps even future shooting partners. Additionally, attending an international festival opens doors to the world of creativity and may lead to new opportunities for career growth.

We invite you to become participants in this festival to showcase your creative works and gain recognition in the professional field. A good film can become the basis for career development in the film industry, and in this sense, participation in the festival is the first step towards success.

A short film festival can offer various prizes to its winners. Some of the possible awards at a festival include winner or finalist diplomas, laurels, and other prizes such as statues, gift certificates, cash prizes, opportunities to work at the next festival, and more.

The grand prize is the most prestigious and significant award given to the best short film at the festival.
The audience choice award is presented to the film that receives the most votes from the viewers.
The best director award is given to the director of the best short film.
The award for best cinematography is presented to the cinematographer of the best short film.
The award for best screenplay is given to the author of the best screenplay at the festival.
The best editing award is presented to the editor of the best short film.
The new cinema award is given to the most promising and original film from a newcomer in the field of cinema.

Rules of the Short Film Festival:
The Short Film Festival is held annually within a set timeframe.
Participation in the festival is open to everyone, regardless of age, nationality or experience.
The length of films presented at the festival must not exceed 25 minutes.
Films submitted to the festival must be original and not violate copyright laws.
The language of the film must be either English or have English subtitles.
To participate in the festival, applicants must fill out a form that includes the film's title, director, year of production, and a brief synopsis.
The festival is held on a competitive basis, with winners determined by both jury and audience votes.
Winning films are awarded with cash and diploma prizes.
The organizers have the right to showcase the films as part of the festival.
The jury is responsible for selecting finalists from the submitted films to be shown in the cinema.
The jury evaluates films based on a number of criteria, such as screenplay, acting, editing, cinematography, musical score, and more.
The jury rates each film on a 10-point scale.
The jury is composed of well-known directors, producers, film critics, and actors.
The jury makes decisions on awarding films only after careful discussion and evaluation of each film.
The jury's decision is final and cannot be contested.
The jury serves as honorary guests at the festival.