Fiver is an spanish platform for research, education, production and distribution of dance film and new media. Since 2012 we launch, among other actions, the FIVER Awards.

We are looking for all genre fiction, experimental, animation and documentary short films that explore the possibilities of the union between cinema and dance. We look forward for watching new collaborations between filmmakers and choreographers, crazy experiments that use the representation of the body on the screen and unique stories that work with movement to break narrative boundaries.

We invite you to submit your works, hoping to discover fresh and unique visions, the incorporation of new techniques, and moments that breathe life.

This year we will share 4.000€ in prizes.

Best Film. Gran Premio Nuria Font.

Best National Film. (Best spanish production / spanish director, producer, main performer or choreographer)

Experimental award. Best work that explores new narrative techniques (animation included)

FiverDOC Award. Best Documentary.

Special Fiver award. New!

Audience Award

Special Mention

More prizes and special sponsorships may be announced in the coming months.

1. You can participate in the following sections:
- Short films: Fiction, experimental and animation. (Max 20 min).
- Documentary short films (Maximum 30 min)

2. We accept films produced since 2019 with content of dance, movement, physical or choreographic work in its broadest sense.

3. Recordings of stage performance and promotional or music videos will not be accepted.

4. If your film is selected we can request spanish subtitles if required.

5. The selected films may be part of screenings carried out by FIVER as long as they are activities for the purposes of communication and promotion of the festival, non-profit and non-commercial. For possible commercial programs, a screening fee will be paid.

6. The selected films will become part of the official Fiverteca If your film is being commercially exploited by its director or producer, or for strategic distribution reasons, a trailer will be used and a link will be provided for its purchase or payment on demand until the end of said period.

7. The names of the people who will form the jury will be published on our website in July. The jury can declare the awards void and its decision is irrevocable.