The Film Girl Film Festival is the only festival in Wisconsin dedicated to showcasing women in film, both in front and behind the camera. Formerly the Milwaukee Women's Film Festival.

Audience Award-Best Short and Best Film
Prize determined by audience ballots.

Jury Award-Best Short and Best Film.
Cash prize determined by a group of female judges, all of whom are members of Milwaukee's arts community.

Screenwriting Award-Best Short and Best Film
Winners will receive a four month script listing on InkTip to promote themselves and their scripts to InkTip’s entire network of producers, managers, and agents.

All shorts or films directed by women are eligible for consideration. Films directed by men will also be considered if they have at least one woman as the main protagonist. No short or film made before 2016 will be accepted.

Overall Rating
  • Kasha Sequoia Slavner

    I wasn't able to attend in person but I was thrilled to screen my film The Sunrise Storyteller here. Thanks to Melanie and her team for all their support. Cool name change too!

    May 2018
  • Regan Meyer

    A nice personal venue, and great crew working it. The space allows you to talk to all the filmmakers and network easily. The audience voting on the films was also great, Andrea (the founder) was very hospitable and defiantly made me want to come back!

    January 2018
  • Melonie Gartner

    This is a festival that's very near and dear to my heart as it's the only festival in Wisconsin dedicated to women. Thank you Andrea for empowering women and giving us a platform. Also, thank you for accepting my films.

    November 2017
  • Cindy Johnson

    Thanks to Andrea and the entire crew! Great festival and warm reception to filmmakers. Hope to screen another film some day!

    September 2017
  • Andrea Vandenboer

    We were really thrilled to have our film screen 'Silent No More - Louise Pentz: A Voice for Social Change' at the 2017 MWFF. Andrea and staff were an absolute delight to deal with and it felt very organised. We were unable to attend and hope the organisers and attendees really enjoyed the programming, venue and events. We appreciated the updates and posts on Facebook. Congratulations and a HUGE thank you to Andrea and crew. We wish you all the best and success for future events! - Andrea Vandenboer (Co-director/co-producer/filmmaker).

    September 2017