Film Diary NYC is a festival for experimental non-fiction that captures the personal history and daily experiences of the filmmaker and the world they encounter.

Through an annual festival and ongoing special events, we provide a platform for the most heartfelt but most overlooked cinema: diary films, home movies, and personal documentary.

The festival's name is a tribute to the original "film diarist," Jonas Mekas. Other examples of films that fit our theme include "News From Home" by Chantal Akerman, "Katatsumori" by Naomi Kawase, and "Black Mother" by Khalik Allah.

Please read the description of the type of films we screen before submitting. Check out the 2021 program on our website if you are unsure about the kind of films we're looking for:

Last year we screened 28 films in-person, on 2 nights, and 14 films online. Due to time constraints, theatrical screenings will mostly be given to short films, and features will mostly be considered for online screenings. However, we accept submissions of any length. Exact dates and venues for the 2022 festival are still subject to change. Follow us on Instagram for updates.