FiLMS for World Peace FESTiVAL is an international student film festival to be held online and in person on March 12-14 in Durham, NC. Submissions are open till February 7th (Late Deadline).

FiLMS for World Peace is a film education program. We have an apprenticeship track that leads to the FiLMS for World Peace Diploma. Students have the option to use credits they earn in our Diploma Program towards earning the Certificate from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. Courses in the Diploma or Certificate program can be completed online or in person.

Our mission is to use film to transform conflict into discovery. We use a unique query-based approach that creates space for our filmmakers to engage in self-examination as they learn to want to see, understand and value perspectives they may not agree with while challenging their audiences to do the same. Our hope is that these explorations build community and dialogue between our youth in the East and the West that allow us to recognize our connected universal humanity and will for positive change and healing.

Send us an email to: with “Festival” in the subject heading for more information.

The Golden Dove Awards for each category.

Overall Best Film Award Wins $500


Length: Films need to be 40 minutes or less. We prefer most films sit on the shorter end of that spectrum—the average film we feature is 10 minutes. The longer your film (over 15 minutes), the tougher judges we tend to be.

Premiere Status: No premiere status is required, however, we give preference to films that haven’t yet premiered online. So, don’t wait to submit your film.

Rights: We require films to have all necessary rights and releases secured for us to feature them. Yes, this includes music.

Overall Rating
  • We are thrilled that a Festival with such an aim exists. Bravo! Thank you for selecting our film "Away from guns". Unfortunately, the festival couldn't be held because of the COVID-19 crisis. Maybe it will be possible to have it in the autumn, hope to hear from you.

    June 2020
  • Iman Davari

    I didn't win and didn't travel to the festival, but it was a great experience!

    May 2018
  • Mazin Sherabayani

    Thank you very much for the opportunity to be a part of such film festival. Many thanks

    May 2018
  • David Fratini

    Proud to have taken part in this important festival, thanks for the appreciation!

    May 2018
  • This festival is the coolest, most professional and very good team. Thank you for your attention, I can not come now, but in the next time I will definitely come!!!!!

    May 2018