International Festival online Animation and CGI Bushehr is a short festival festival! It’s literally short of an event that, through our move, bridges all cultures to a common stage that expresses international artistic expression. Our slogan is the art of linguistic love for global unity and peace. In this festival, which includes short animations – music videos, video games, motion graphics ,CGI, Digital Art and apps that have an artistic structure, our passion for art lies in our exquisite capacity to integrate many art into a vision; Arrange, the film festival is literally short, it tries to solve all geographical boundaries to a platform that equally applies to all cultures

The International Festival of Animation Naghme Bushehr will publish the names of the winners online and will be awarded certificates, will be awarded to the winners of the awards and prizes replaced by certificates

Submit your work via the submission platforms provided. Winners will be notified via email. The Animation Festival of Naghme Bushehr cannot accept the following works: Anything that you are not the author and copyright holder of the work you submit. Offensive, illegal, discriminatory, or harmful materials. Anything that discloses the personal information and likeness of any individual that you do not have written permission to do so. Anything that you are not comfortable allowing us to show in public. Submission means you read and agree to the complete rules and terms of the festival at Download Official Rules – English Please be aware that if your film is selected to run in the festival, you will be requested to provide English subtitles for your film as the focus of the festival is to include everyone.
Selected works will be broadcast on the online midio streaming platform, which is the festival's online streaming platform. I have read and accepted the rules and regulations of the festival