The Contest makes it possible for the youth to express their attitude towards the issues that they think topical. The message of the Contest 2019 is “Education of each human makes wealth of the whole humankind”.

The Contest winners in each category are awarded with Winner’s Certificates and prizes from the Contest organizers and sponsors. The sponsors may present extra prizes for the entries they personally like.

The Contest entries are evaluated in the following categories:
- Short Film, any video entry by an author (several authors) that meets the criteria of a proper short story film characterized by a certain message, storyline and characters.
- Music Video, a video clip that includes a song, a dance, or a storyline to a tune.
- Animated Film, audio-visual animation film with a storyline and characters.
- Social Video, a video clip that deals with the present-day social issues and expresses the contestant’s attitude towards the issue.
- VR film 360

NB! Films in foreign languages (except Russian) must have English subtitles.

1. The following types of entries are accepted for the Contest:
- video clips*;
- short films;
- animated clips*.
* Entries can be either a single item or a set of items within one topic (3 items max.)
“Short Film” (up to 15 minutes)
“Social Video” (up to 5 minutes)
“Music Video” (up to 6 minutes)
“Animated Film” (up to 10 minutes)
"VR film 360" (up to 5 minutes)

3. The Contest entries shall be of creative, positive and life-affirming nature. The entries shall reflect a personal/public/spiritual positive philanthropic attitude towards the world around and be aimed at raising mutual good will.

4 Technical requirements for the videos: each clip shall be submitted via user’s accounts in Vkontakte or Facebook at the festival’s web-site ( Then, an entry may be submitted in two ways:
а) Register at the festival’s web-site, section Video, Add Video. Fill in a short questionnaire and send a link to the entry from any video hosting service (preferably,
б) Register at the festival’s on web-site Fill in a short questionnaire and send the entry (in a generally accepted format: AVI, MOV, etc.) or via e-mail (addressee:, a link to the file hosting service where the file has been downloaded (preferably, YandexDisk).

5. Both single items and sets of items prepared by one author or by a group of authors are accepted. The number of entries shall not exceed three for each category.
The following information shall be attached to each entry (single item or set of items):
- filled-in Application of the author / group of authors / right-holding organization for participation in the Contest, confirming that the relevant person/persons agrees/agree with all conditions of the Contest (according to the form of Application attached to these Regulations);

6. Criteria for evaluating the Contest entries:
- compliance with the declared topic;
- quality of execution;
- ease of comprehension;
- creativity.

7. Contest Conditions
7.1. Young persons (individual authors of groups of authors) from 16 to 35 years of age who have submitted all the required documents in compliance with the Contest conditions are eligible to participate in the Contest.
7.2. All contestants have the right to be provided with the Contest Regulations and the form of Application (attachment to the Regulations) at their request.
7.3. An Application to be filled in at the web-site shall be attached to each entry. The Application is the document required for the entries to be included in the list of contestants.
7.4. No fee shall be charged for participation in the Contest.
7.5. When submitting an entry for Social Video Category the contestant shall keep in mind that the entry shall be characterized by the pre-requisites of an efficient advertisement:
• the entry, its content, storyline, and actions of characters or actors shall not contravene the law of the Russian Federation (Federal Law No. 38-FZ dated 13.03.2006 “About Advertising” and these Regulations;
• the text used in the video shall be short, concise, and novel;
• emotional coloring expressed through color, lighting, font, pictures, etc.;
• the video shall not contain any false information.
7.6. The entry shall be in line with the Contest subject.
7.7. The Contest organizers are entitled to reject any entries with no reason given.
7.8. The entries submitted will not be returned.
7.9. The Contest Committee (Judges) is entitled not to name contestants as winners.
7.10. The entries submitted for the Contest shall comply with the law of the Russian Federation.