The Psychoactive Short Film Festival is an artistic, cultural and educational event, which seeks to promote and encourage the creation and distribution of audiovisual works, towards new ways of dealing with the phenomenon of legal and illegal drugs in a society that demands change.


We welcome explorations based on any technical format available, within the categories of fiction, documentary, animation, video clip and experimental. The short films must be related to the theme of the festival (legal and illegal drugs).



Best Short Films

First place for the Best Short Film in each category:
- The best short film in each category will be awarded. The winner will receive an award from the festival and a $460 USD prize.
- Scholarships for free courses will be awarded subject to capacity and availability (alliance to be confirmed).
- Psychoactive kits (magazines, books, cannabis cosmetics, paraphernalia) will be awarded to the winners.

Honourable mentions

- Second place prizes will be awarded in each category: Fiction, Animation, Videoclip, Documentary and Experimental.
- Psychoactive kits (magazines, books, cannabis cosmetics, paraphernalia) will be awarded to the winners.

For the evaluation of the short films, the following criteria will be taken into account:
1) Quality (relevance of the content),
2) Originality (particularity or uniqueness of the content), and
3) Skill (skill with the use of audiovisual techniques of approaching the content) in the narrative development of the work, towards innovative ways of approaching the relationship of drugs.




a) The call for entries is open to natural persons or non-profit legal entities, groups or collectives, whether they are students, filmmakers, producers, amateurs or the general public.
b) Participation is free of charge.
c) The scope of the call for entries is national and international in scope, so that people from any country may participate, without any kind of limitation or exclusion.
d) Groups, collectives, individuals and legal entities that have participated or have been winners in previous editions are eligible to participate.


a) They will have a duration not exceeding 30 minutes including credits.
b) Any person may submit a maximum of 2 short films, presenting each one independently.
c) The work must be spoken or subtitled in Spanish.
d) The creation of unpublished short films is especially encouraged for this call, although any original audiovisual piece with a production date up to two years before (2019) that has not competed in the Festival de Cortos Psicoactivos 2019 and 2020 version is also admissible.
e) All works are acceptable regardless of the original format in which they have been produced.
f) It is recommended that the short films are of high resolution quality, regardless of the medium used for their production.

a) The deadline for submission of material is 15 July 2022.
b) The organisation may extend the date of reception if it considers it convenient.
c) If you are interested in participating in the call for entries, you must fill in the digital format that you will find on this page and sign the ANNEXES.

ANNEX 1. CONFORMATION OF THE GROUP OR COLLECTIVE (if you are registering as a group or collective)

ANNEX 2. FORM OF AUTHORISATION FOR THE PARTICIPATION OF MINORS (in case minors are participating in your work)

ANNEX 3. AUTHORISATION FOR THE EXHIBITION, REPRODUCTION AND CIRCULATION OF WORKS (compulsory for natural person, legal person, group or collective)

The omission or falsification of any of the information requested in the fields that apply will result in exclusion from the competition. Incomplete entries will not be considered.

g) The selected works will be notified of their acceptance the first week of August 2021 by email to the participants or through the website and social networks Instagram @echelecabeza Facebook @echelecabeza Twiter@echelecabeza

We welcome explorations based on any technical format available, within the categories of fiction, documentary, animation, music video and experimental.


A compilation of short films from the different categories: Fiction, Animation Documentary, Videoclip and Experimental will be part of the "OFFICIAL SELECTION" to be screened during the Festival. The 5 best short films in each category will receive an economic stimulus and an award from the Festival.


a) The selection and evaluation jury will be made up of a representative of the Échele Cabeza team and two guests of recognised experience in the organisation of audiovisual festivals, who will be announced during the call for entries process.
b) For the evaluation of the short films, criteria of quality (relevance of the content), originality (particularity or singularity of the content) and skill (skill in the use of techniques of approaching the content) in the narrative development of the work will be taken into account, towards innovative ways of approaching the relationship of drugs with relevant issues to themes such as:

Drugs and pleasure management
Cinema and drugs
Music and drugs
Ancestral uses and sacred plants
Women and drugs
Psychoactive experiences
Art and drugs
Education and pedagogy against the use of psychoactive substances
Prevention of drug use
Risk and harm reduction in the use of psychoactive substances
Use and abuse of psychoactive substances
Pharmacology and mental health
Medicinal uses and psychedelic therapies
Drugs, pandemics and mental health
Market regulation
Cannabis (health, industry, activism, regulation, legalisation)
Drug activism
Human rights (consumers and/or growers)
Social repression
Drug policies
Ending the war on drugs
Tobacco, nicotine and vaporisers
Alcohol (ancestral and cultural uses)
And all others that deal with drugs in the world.
For the 8th edition of the Psychoactive Short Film Festival 2022 we will have a special theme called MANAGEMENT OF PLEASURE, SEX AND DRUGS, mainly because for as long as we can remember we have been educated from fear, taboo and guilt. To imagine that people who use drugs also do so to experiment and seek pleasure is scandalous, perverted, sick and often the same or worse than those who want to experiment with sex in different ways and forms. Throughout our existence we are told about drugs and sex from the point of view of lust, sin, excess, perdition, but very little from the point of view of pleasure.

Talking about pleasure management in drug use is as important and enriching as talking about risk and harm reduction, because it promotes self-care, evidence-based decision making, respect for the environment, personal wellbeing, positive experiences and avoids excesses.


a) The jury's decisions regarding best short films, honourable mentions and special awards will be final.
b) The winning short films and honourable mentions will be awarded during the closing ceremony of the Festival. For this reason it is important that the filmmakers attend the award ceremony.
c) The jury's decisions will be made public on the Échele Cabeza website ( from September 2022.


a) The Festival encourages all short films that enter the competition to be governed by the effects of the free license granted to the works, under the parameters established by Creative Commons (, taking into account the following criteria:

Attribution-Non-commercial - Share Alike: This license allows others to distribute, remix, retouch, and create from your work in a non-commercial way, as long as they give you credit and license their new creations under the same conditions.

b) Whoever participates assumes full responsibility before third parties for any claim on the authorship or originality of the work presented, as well as the use of pre-existing images and/or sounds, exempting the organisation from any type of legal action.
c) For references to free licenses on musical inputs, you can consult, among other possibilities, the following links:;;


a) The organisation reserves the right to publicise and advertise the Festival with the short films that enter the competition on any physical or digital support, for promotional purposes in relation to their screening and in any other Festival activity such as exhibitions, catalogues, leaflets, etc., respecting the agreed free licence in its entirety.
b) All the works received from this call for entries will become part of the audiovisual archive of the Festival de cortos psicoactivos Échele Cabeza, to be used whenever it is considered appropriate in public or private exhibitions for cultural and/or educational purposes, non-profit and as part of the different eventual follow-up activities related to the event throughout the year, respecting the agreed free licence in its entirety.


a) The registration of your short film for a possible inclusion in the Festival implies acceptance of the terms and conditions stipulated in this document.
b) The organization is empowered to solve any eventuality that is not contemplated in these terms and conditions.


Opening of the call: 1 May 2022
Closing date: 15 July 2022
Questions and concerns: