Festival Protesta is an international film festival on social critique, which aims to do its bit to help transform society through film, and wants to do so constructively, positively and creatively, making the festival a festival of denunciation cinema.

- Featured films (documentary, fiction and animation)
- Short films (documentary, fiction and animation)
- Children's films
- Parallel activities

Jury's Award for Best Documentary Short Film: 1.000€ + trophy

Jury's Award for Best Fiction Short Film: 1.000€ + trophy

People's Choice: 500€ + trophy

Special Mentions: No cash price.

The 25% of each finalist's cash prize must be donated to a non-profit association or entity, which will be chosen by the winner.

All films that are selected in both the official and non-competitive selection will have a € 25 fee.



8th Edition of Festival Protesta, International Short Film Festival of Social Criticism, from the 15th to the 24th of October 2021.

Festival Protesta is an international film festival of social criticism that includes the genres of fiction, animation and documentary. The selection of the short films for the Official Section is based on artistic, technical and writing criteria.


1. Any short film which has not been screened in previous editions either in the Official Selection nor the Non Competitive Section can be submitted.

2. You can submit any national or international short film (fiction, animated or documentary) that focuses on the criticism of social issues.

3. Each participant may submit more than one short film.

4. Films can be submitted in any language. However, those that are not in Catalan or Spanish must be subtitled in either one of these two languages.

5. The length of the short film cannot exceed 30 minutes.

6. The films may not include any content that disrespects any person, group or entity or violates people’s rights to honour, privacy, and their own image or any other rights affecting third parties.

7. The organization of the Festival Protesta declines any legal responsibility regarding the short films submitted to the festival and their content.

8. The participants must guarantee that the short films are not violating any intellectual property, industrial or exploitation rights.

9. The authors of the short films submitted to the festival sign over the rights for the festival to show them publicly during the days of the festival, including previous and subsequent presentations, in order to promote the festival and the works submitted, always, for no commercial or lucrative purpose. In any case, the authors will always be informed in advance.

10. The organization keeps the right to publish a preview or a piece of maximum 30 seconds of each short film in the Official Selection in the website and social media for the same purpose.

11. All submitted material will become part of the festival’s archive.

12. Short film registrations can be made from February 15 to April 15, 2021, both inclusive.

13. Films must be submitted online, as indicated at the end of these rules. The reception and proper submission of the materials will be confirmed to participants via email.

14. The organization will announce the finalists on the 15th of September, 2021.

15. The authors of the selected short films for the Official Selection must send a high quality copy of the film (technical requirements specified at the end of this document), two stills, the poster in A3 size and a teaser to be published at the official program. All these must be sent to the email address submitted by the organization of the festival.


The organization of the festival will appoint a jury consisting of several professionals related to the world of communication, cinema and activism. After watching all the short films submitted, the organization of the festival will select the films for the Official and the Non-Competitive Sections, which will be screened in the several venues of the Protesta.

The jury will watch the finalists that make it to the Official Selection and decide the awards for best fiction short film and best documentary short film.
The People’s Choice Award will be decided by the votes of the audiences attending the screenings.
The Festival’s organization will grant a Special Mention, if so it deems.


From the 15th to the 24th of October, 2021, in the several Protesta venues spread around the city of Vic.


Jury’s Award for Best Documentary Short Film: 1.000€ + trophy

Jury’s Award for Best Fiction Short Film: 1.000€ + trophy

People’s Choice: 500€ + trophy

Special Mentions: No cash price.

The 25% of each finalist’s cash prize must be donated to a non-profit association or entity, which will be chosen by the winner.

Any award may be declared void should the jury decide so.

The awards are subjected to the correspondent taxes.

All films that are selected in both the official and non-competitive selection will have a € 25 fee.


1. Films must be submitted online via the Festival Protesta Website: festivalprotesta.cat/inscripcions and the platform FilmFreeway. The deadline for the submission is aphril the 15th, 2021. The entries made after that date will be excluded of the contest. Festival Protesta reserves the right to extend the participation dates.

2. The submittion of each short film costs 5€, both on the web and on the platforms.

3. Films must be submitted through the submission form at the Festival Protesta website or the platform FilmFreeway.

4. If a film is selected for the Official Selection, the organization will require a high quality copy from the person of contact specified on the submission form.

5. The organization reserves the right to recode the original films in order to adapt them to the requirements of the screening, keeping its quality as far as possible.

6. The organization reserves the right to solve any issue not foreseen in these rules. In the event of a disagreement in the interpretation of the rules for participation of the Protesta Festival 2021, the organization will resolve within a week’s time about the issues brought up by the participants, being the organization’s decision totally binding.


Each participant declares, guarantees, and confirms the following to the Associació Festival Protesta:

1. He/she is of legal age.

2. He/she is responsible for adhering to the terms and conditions and shall not hold the Associació Festival Protesta accountable for breach of said terms.

3. The participant expressly agrees to comply with each and every one of the terms and conditions of this contest, which can be inquired about at any moment by each participant. Failure to comply with any of the terms may lead to the disqualification of the contest participant.

4. It is understood that the participant, when participating in the contest, accepts these terms and conditions, and, therefore, gives the Festival Protesta the authorization to publish its name and image on the festival website, as well as any type of promotion or publication for informational and non-commercial purposes.


1. Participation in the festival contest implies acceptance and authorization of the total or partial reproduction of the winning short films for promotion, publicity and broadcasting of the Protesta Festival 2021.

2. The participants authorize for their personal data provided to be incorporated into the file “subscribers, partners, and participants” (“subscriptors, socis i participants”) that is registered in the Spanish Data Protection Agency, the responsible party being the Associació Festival Protesta with the purpose of carrying out the festival, the current contest, and the publicity and diffusion of it. The data will be handled with confidentiality and in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) and the regulations that develop it.

3. As indicated, the party responsible for the said file is the Associació Festival Protesta with address C / Verdaguer nº 19 3-1 and email contact info@festivalprotesta.cat. At the address above, interested parties may exercise the right of access, opposition, rectification and deletion of their personal data.


1. The Associació Festival Protesta reserves the right to take appropriate measures to avoid any conduct that the association suspects has the purpose or effect of acting in fraud in regards to this contest, or supposes a breach of its rules or a cause of harm to other participants. The first consequence will be the disqualification of the participant and the loss of any right to the prize that would have obtained.

2. Also, the Associació Festival Protesta reserves the right to exclude participants if they contribute material containing viruses or any computer code directed or capable of damaging, interfering, intercepting or violating the security of any system, information or data.


1. The Associació Festival Protesta shall not accept any liability for damages of any nature that, despite the security measures taken, may be caused by the improper use of the services or contents by the users or participants, and especially, but not exclusively, for damages and losses that may arise from the impersonation of a third party by a user.

2. The Associació Festival Protesta denies liability in any case in which the participant has not previously requested consent or authorization for personal data of which they were subject to treatment.


The interpretation and the fulfillment of the present terms will be governed by the Spanish legislation. Any controversy that results from the interpretation or compliance of the present terms will be submitted to the courts of Vic (Jutjats de 1ª instància de Vic).

Overall Rating
  • Alireza Kazemipour

    Great festival! Super organized with an amazing team. Very responsive. All the films were of high production quality which was really impressive. I'd highly recommend signing up for this festival.

    October 2021