Fashion On Film is the culmination of a project to bring various art forms together in celebration of local and international Fashion art.

The program combines short films on fashion (music videos, animation, documentaries) with a live fashion showcase and regional fashion exhibit. Join hundreds of craftspeople, artists and industry people together for a world-class celebration of fashion. Offered by the California Film Foundation, in partnership with Sacramento Fashion Week, this eye-popping program seeks the most amazing visual artists to showcase their films about or inspired by fashion.

Awards & Prizes

Top prize is $1,000.00 US

Rules & Terms

All films submitted will forever be useable by California Film Foundation, Sacramento Fashion Week or our designees to promote Fashion On Film and our organization's activities.

Film makers are encouraged to submit any work of fiction or documentary. films are judged on their relevance to the g=fashion industry and/or ability to promote fashion.

The Project: Create a short film on an aspect of the Fashion industry. This could be any format (music video,documentary, narrative etc.) but must have local fashion as a theme. Film makers are required to join
to be eligible. Find your own subject
or contact CFF to find one. CFF can
introduce potential film teams who

wish help to fashion talent to create a compelling film to screen with the Sacramento Fashion Week 2017.

Final Submission Deadline: February 1st 2017 when all films are due back to CFF. Note: Only films that meet the deadline will be eligible as officially part of the competition.

1. Each team will have one “producer” legally responsible. All

2. Team members must be volunteers.

3. Finished films must be a maximum of 6 minutes in duration including ALL credits. End Credits may not exceed 30 seconds in length <NO ACCEPTIONS>. The finished film must be NTSC mono or two channel stereo in 16x9 aspect ratio.

5. Submit to agreement here and provide a private Youtube or Vimeo link via email to If project requires a password, give it to us. Be sure there is NO COPYGUARD on the file.

6. The producer must submit a signed, copy of this agreement to be considered for the project.

7. By agreeing here, the producer agrees that they are solely legally responsible/liable for all content and that they have secured any/all talent/crew/music/location liability releases necessary. For location releases within the city of Sacramento contact the film commission at:

8. Organizers will refuse any film that can be considered pornographic or that depicts graphic sex and/or violence.

9. All Films must include the following credit:
"This film made as part of Fashion on Film and the Sacramento International Film Festival © 2017"

10. Films will be forever usable by the California Film Foundation, Sac Fashion Week and the Sacramento International Film Festival either all or in part for any activities including marketing, sales, and exhibition. QUESTIONS: 916.524.5138

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    Mahlon Berv

    This Festival was fabulous! Organized, fun, lots of great opportunities for networking.

    March 2017