This is an online film festival dedicated to a special kind of film. It can scare you, mystify you, or completely blow your mind. The one thing they do different than most is add some kind of special or digital effects to help tell their story. The F3 is all about telling a great story and showing off visually at the same time. This event is for the visual artists out there who if they do their job right, don't even have their effects noticed.

Trophies and plaques will be awarded. Plus the top voted films get judged by a celebrity panel!

The rules and terms are simple.

1. Submit an original film that fits into one of our categories.
2. Use original or licensed music, sound effects, and visuals.
3. You can only make one entry per category.
4. All film credits must be included in the runtime.
5. Films must be submitted be at least 1080p/24fps/30fps.
6. All films must be subtitled in English if that is not the spoken language in the film.
7. Any prizes won will be provided 4-6 weeks after festival.
8. Anyone breaking theses rules will forfeit any potential prizes and be pulled from the festival.
9. While the main judging is setup as a peoples choice vote the top 3 of each category are judged by our celerity panelists remotely.