Our film festival name is "Film Research and Sustainable Development" (FReDD) in french "Film Recherche et Developpement Durable". Our event is the main festival of documentaries, fictions, shorts, animation and Wed docs in France. We are part of the Green Film Network, a network of 38 Green Film festival around the world.
The winner of the competition in long feature compete for the "Green Film Awards" and the winner of the award is screen in each festival of the Green Film Network during one year.

FReDD is a nonprofit organization focused on Film, Research and Sustainability. Founded in 2012 as a scientific research group, FReDD highlights films and other forms of visual media that support and offer thought provoking views on issues of sustainability.

Charter :

« FReDD’s mission is to inspire audiences to look deep into ideas and films, and to highlight scientific knowledge, techniques and research around themes of sustainability. FReDD presents, promotes, distributes and produces media, thereby offering many opportunities to create and nourish the democratic conversations around these topics. »

Four main actions

-An annual film festival,

-Screenings and conversation all year long,

-Support film production, distribution, and thought provoking social and/or scientific documents,

-Public outreach to raise awareness and participant training for all sustainability issues.

We give price in three categories: Long features (1000€), One hour (1000€) and shorts (500€).

Your movie must be realised after 2016 and be linked with the main sustainable developement theme "Feed the Humans, feed the Earth"