FRAME LIGHT TV (FLTV) is a curated film channel dedicated entirely to short films and animations from around the world. Filmmakers can make their films available for sale or rent and can earn revenue with each stream. There are also awards to be won, including Frame Light Favourites, Film of the Month and Film of the Year.


*** This is a curated channel and films are screened on a selection-only basis***

1. Entrants may submit more than one film, but each film must be submitted separately via FilmFreeway or using the submission form on this site.

2. Entrants can submit any genre/style (see categories). We do not accept wedding/home/holiday videos.

3. The submitter must be the legal owner of the work.

4. The film must be under 40 minutes in length.

5. We accept films produced in any year.

6. All films should be in .mov/.mp4 format and H.264 compressed where possible. Resolution should be a minimum of 720p.

7. Your film will be uploaded within 72 hours.

8. All languages are accepted. Non-English language films must be hard-coded with English subtitles.

9. We screen independent films submitted to our channel (except where the material may be deemed offensive or harmful to the public, in which case the submitter will be notified and refunded).

10. Projects submitted to FLTV will not be reviewed in our magazine/online articles unless paid for additionally via our website.

11. Once accepted, the payment for your film is non-refundable, except in cases such as that stated in clause 9.

12. We do not accept links/files via email. Any links to your work sent to us via email will not be considered.

13. There is no fee waiver. If you wish to receive revenue for streams/sales, you must pay the relevant fee.

14. We do not claim any exclusive rights to your work. You are free to submit your short film to any and all other screening platforms.

15. We reserve the right to remove any members and/or works in such cases where we deem our service to be misused in any way.

16. Should any of the terms of service change, all members (filmmakers and audience) shall be notified 3 (three) days prior to the change being implemented.