FILUMS - International Film Festival, hosted annually by the LUMS Media Arts Society (LMA), is one of the largest film festivals in Pakistan. FILUMS has evolved to become a benchmark in the filmmaking industry, also crediting itself to be the largest film festival in South Asia and is on its way to becoming an independent nation-wide event. This mega event provides a platform for independent filmmakers from around the globe to come and showcase their film expertise. At FILUMS, the passion of films and the art of making them is celebrated, attended by people whose proficiency in this area is vast – including, but not limited to, renowned and capable producers, directors, actors, and camera operators. The media coverage, celebrity attention and foreign participation FILUMS receives is testament to the festival’s success and current standing. Despite its accomplishments, with every passing year, FILUMS aims to grow more, and surpass the success of the previous years in all aspects – media coverage, workshops, and audiences.

Submissions at FILUMS are open in 7 categories this year, namely Shorts, Feature Films, Documentary - Short, Documentary - Long, Music Video, and Animation. A new addition to our traditional categories is the introduction of Student entries in the category: Rising Youth Films.

There are two stages of scrutiny before the films received at the festival can claim awards. Each entry is initially examined to be shortlisted among the best entries which are screened at the festival. These selected films are then forwarded to an external jury specially formulated for each category, and the final awards are given on the basis of the judgment given by the judges who are experienced, well-acclaimed, and considered to be the best authority in their respective fields.

One of the most important components of FILUMS is the workshops that are conducted by qualified professionals, many of whom have achieved a celebrity status. Such celebrities not only recount their learning experiences but also offer invaluable assistance in the form of well-seasoned advice. Workshops previously held at FILUMS have included a wide variety of topics, ranging from pre-production, post-production, film marketing to biographical accounts of members of the Pakistani Film Industry. We hope that such interactions will help several budding filmmakers and artists get access to bright opportunities in media and entertainment, while enabling others to find a direction to hone their creativity and skills.

Works premiered at FILUMS have gone on to earn special recognition such as ‘Seedlings’, which won the best film award at the NYC Film Festival, ‘Sapola’, a film made by Aleem Bukhari which has won the best foreign film award at the Lisbon International Film Festival, ‘Children of the Taliban’, ‘Like A Good Kid’, ‘Made in Pakistan’, ‘Kashf’, ‘Zibahkhana’, ‘Shanu’, ‘Taxi’, ‘Zindah Lash’, and many others.
Imagine a film you created being played in the esteemed halls of Lahore’s cultural district in an event that collaborates with Lahore’s own Art council and is attended by the very best in the field.

FILUMS continues to expand its horizons with each passing year. Its journey spans from a small initiative 12 years ago, with around 50 regional participants, to an international platform of its current standing, with a record number of entries (more than 250 international and 500 national) in initial years and a total of over 300 entries in last year alone. Each year, the talent and creativity presented at FILUMS far exceeds that of previous years, and it is with such a pace that this nascent film festival is progressing towards its aim of becoming the central hub of a cinematic revival in Pakistan and abroad.

FILUMS 2023 Selection:
The FILUMS 2023 Selection will comprise of films that have been submitted that the host team and our expert panelists have deemed among the best submissions of FILUMS. These films will be screened at the festival. These films will also be competing for the FILUMS awards. This selection will include films made by both Pakistani and foreign film makers.

Below are the awards that will be won during the festival. They will be divided in to two categories: local and foreign.

1. Best Short Film
2. Best Feature Film
3. Best Animation
4. Best Music Video
6. Best Documentary – Short
7. Best Documentary – Long
8. Best Rising Youth Film (Student Category)

Please make sure to go through both the ‘Rules and Regulations' and the ‘Terms & Conditions' that follow before participation in FILUMS 2023. Participants shall be responsible for compliance to the given terms.

All deadlines, ‘Rules and Regulations’, and ‘Terms and Conditions’ should be adhered to at all times before and during the event.

Dates for the event, deadlines, details, and rules are subject to change; in the event of a revision an announcement shall be made on the website and our social media.

The FILUMS host team reserves the right to play films as they find suitable, and also the right to disqualify or not play a film deemed inappropriate; no such decision may be challenged or questioned.

The event will be covered by radio and television representatives, along with print & electronic media. All participants hereby stand informed of the possibility that some (small insignificant) parts of the submissions and trailers might be used for promotional purposes.
No submission will be extensively made publicly available or aired for its significant parts, as to cause inconvenience to the participants.

All decisions of the panelists, regarding both shortlisting and the final awards, shall be final and may not be challenged or debated upon.

By participating and making a submission, you, as participant, understand these terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.

Overall Rating
  • Aayan Rabbani

    FILMUS, Overall it was average, I am disappointed, though my Film has won the Best Cinematography Award but I found it mostly for Celebs panels, DJs, and musical nights.

    Their communication and hospitality were very poor and they even shared the movie schedule the night before the screening.

    They gave dead hours for screening films, by dead hours I mean people usually stay at home during the hot summer days of Lahore. Only a few students were watching, while peak hours were given for celebrities, panels, and musical events from 2:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

    I hope this year they will realize that they are hosting a FILM FESTIVAL and they'll respect filmmakers and their artwork.

    November 2022
  • Saurabh Shukla

    Sucha warm feeling. Thanks for making me a part of this

    October 2022
  • Safar Ali Danish

    It was a good festival, the screening was to good, but at the end they forgot to give the award to winners, while they were busy taking selfies with celebrities, I Hope this year FILUMS give respect to local filmmakers and artists rather than celebrities. And at the end they refused to give the winning amount which a filmmaker only needs of a outcome of his/her film. Wish you good luck with this year FILUMS, please Filums team manage filums this year a better one,

    September 2022
  • Irfan Noor K

    Thank you so much for the awards, I wish I could join the festival in person.

    July 2022
  • Hot Chilli Films

    It was a pleasure to be part of this festival.

    April 2022