Our goals : exposure, networking, experiencing, sharing, learning and global known in sister festival community.

FFIFA, Formosa Festival of International Filmmaker Awards, is one of the major film festival under TIFFA, Taiwan International Film Festival Association organized by Mark Ang, as well as WOFFF, Windows of Formosa Film Festival. Unlike WOFFF, which is dedicated to awarding and promoting Taiwanese indie filmmakers to the world, the main goal of FFIFA is to provide filmmakers an international platform for networking, sharing and exchange for filmmaking resources and experience. In 2018, WOFFF will be merged into FFIFA as one of the categories. By means of gathering talented filmmakers and showcasing independent films, we hope the filmmakers from all over the world can get to know more about Taiwan and gain more creative inspiration and filmmaking partners by eating, moving, living, networking and watching films in this beautiful island.

福爾摩沙國際電影節(FFIFA)與福爾摩沙電影櫥窗(WOFFF)同為全球百大影展計畫推廣協會(Taiwan International Film Festival Association )旗下影展,2018年開始WOFFF將併入FFIFA,成為FFIFA其中一個競賽項目,並專為台灣競賽設計。FFIFA的宗旨宗旨在於吸引全球優秀電影人聚集到台灣,希望可以讓各國電影導演互相交流,建立更大的創作網路。基於這個精神,FFIFA不但開放全球徵件,更希望影展期間,全球電影創作者可以藉著在影展城市移動、生活、交流的過程中,獲得更多靈感,認識更多創作夥伴。

FFIFA will be held together in the end of October, 2018. Besides the must have award ceremony and the screenings, we’ve programed red carpet, opening ceremony, after screening panel, opening and closing party, seminars, workshops, filmmaking gear and software exhibits, local cultural tour, etc. The whole event will be an extraordinary, intellectual, honorable, relaxing and fulfilling trip for filmmakers.


Taiwan is one of the most creative and advanced countries in the world. Taiwanese directors such as Ang Lee, Hsiao-Hsien Hou, Edward Yang and Ming-liang Tsai are internationally well known. Besides filmmaking, many other industries in Taiwan are in the World Top 10 such as the global recognized yacht builders, the 2015 World’s Best Whisky Award winner Kavalan, the worldwide household ASUS, Acer, Garmin and HTC, etc. Above all, Taichung is the most potential international city for filmmaking in Taiwan. Ang Lee and his production and visual effect teams spent 2 years staying in Taichung and produced the Oscar winning “Life of Pi”. And the Taichung Cinematic Park has already broken ground and will be finished within two years. Besides, the three major national art and cultural organizations are located here including National Taichung Opera Theater, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and the National Library of Public Information.


If you want to meet filmmakers from all over the world, if you love to network with other filmmakers in this beautiful island, if you want to see why Ang Lee and Martin Scorsese chose Taiwan as their favorite production base, submit your films and join us right way.


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Awards & Prizes

1. Only winners will be accepted, in other words, all filmmakers invited to the event are winners, but the final result remains undisclosed until the award ceremony.

2. Every submitter can submit your film multiple categories. But if you only submit to limited categories, there won't be cross category awards.

3. All accepted entries will receive digital Official Selection Laurels.

4. Premiere Category winners will receive digital Laurel and Certificate or Trophy.

5. All Main Category, Technical Category and Honorable Category winners will receive digital Laurel and Certificate.

6. All accepted films will be screened during the festival, however, not every films in the categories of Formosa Award of Special Jury Mention and Formosa Award of Excellence will be screened if the screening time is not enough.

- Premiere Category - 榮譽重點獎
Grand Jury Board Award (評審團大獎)
Special Jury Award(評審團特別獎)

- Main Category - 主要大獎
Best Picture (最佳電影)
Best Short Film(最佳短片)
Best Asian Picture(最佳亞洲電影)
Best Asian Short Film(最佳亞洲短片)
Best Documentary Picture(最佳紀錄片)
Best Documentary Short Film(最佳紀錄短片)
Best Animated Short(最佳動畫短片)
Best Action / Sci-Fi Short(最佳動作科幻短片)
Best Horor / Thriller Short(最佳恐怖驚悚短片)
Best Commercial / Promotional Films(最佳廣告宣傳類短片)
Best Experimental Short(最佳實驗短片)
Best Music Video(最佳音樂錄影帶)

- Technical Category - 個人技術獎
Best Director (最佳導演)
Best Short Film Director (最佳短片導演)
Best Actor (最佳男演員)
Best Actress(最佳女演員)
Best Screenplay(最佳編劇)
Best Cinematography(最佳攝影)
Best Editing(最佳剪輯)
Best Visual Effects(最佳特效)
Best Lighting(最佳燈光)
Best Sound Effects(最佳音效)
Best Film Score(最佳配樂)
Best Original Song(最佳電影原創歌曲)
Best Costume(最佳服裝)
Best Makeup(最佳化妝)
Best Art Direction(最佳美術)

- Honorable Category - 榮譽類別獎
Formosa Award of Special Jury Mention(評審特別提名獎)
Formosa Award of Excellence(福爾摩沙國際精選獎)

Rules & Terms

1. This competition is open to worldwide. If you wanna also be part of WOFFF compeitition (Taiwanese films only) , please select the WOFFF beside other categories.


2. Films must be original pieces of work and contain no copyright material, except certified permission is given by the owner of the films. 

3. All films must contain at least one language subtitle: English Language subtitle. Films without English subtitles are not accepted.

4. All films for review and Jury should be uploaded to FilmFreeway or uploaded to Vimeo and link to FilmFreeway.


5. All films files uploaded for screening must be in the format of ProRess or H.264/H.265 with the video quality of HD 1080p. Short films under 1GB and feature films under 5GB are more welcome.

所有放映用影片檔案請以ProRess或是H.264/H.265格式上傳,一律使用1920 x 1080解析度,短片影片檔案請控制在1GB以下,長片影片檔案請控制在5GB以下。

6. The FIFA organizer reserves the rights to use the submitted film for publicity purposes.


7. Every submission must contain the following materials as below :


- A Hi- resolution personal photo, biography, filmography & film festival records of the director 


- Trailer / Poster / Original sound track (if available) 


8. The organizer has the right to disqualify an entry if the participant fails to submit all the required documents or the film not in the specifications required. 


7 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Christopher McCombs

    Really enjoyed attending the festival.
    The staff was very friendly and helpful. My mails were answered within 24 hours, and the staff was great at guiding me around Taiwan. I had no problem getting to any of the venues from my hotel as a result. My translator, provided for free from the festival, was awesome and so awesome to work with.
    The event locations were very stylish and well thought out. I was able to do a lot of networking with directors, actors, actresses, and camera men from all around Asia.
    I'm very happy I attended this festival and will happily submit next year!

    January 2018
  • false
    Harshrajsinh Gohil

    A very good international film festival

    January 2018
  • false
    ShihChieh Chiu

    Such a heartwarming festival. Nice screening and party. Thank you!

    January 2018
  • false
    수민 박

    I love Formosa. and I Love Taiwan..

    December 2017
  • false
    javad daraei

    I am very happy and welcome every year to participate in your festival and thank you for this fine festival.

    December 2017