Fantàstik Granollers is the fantastic and horror film festival of Granollers, which has been held since 2012. It has become a unique event in the city, in which a cultural proposal related exclusively to fantastic and horror films is offered. and everything that is related to it, betting very strongly on short films.

It is an excellent opportunity for film lovers to see innovative films, as well as to connect with other people interested in this topic.

Apart from the festival, other activities are carried out during the year related to the dissemination of fantasy and horror films.

Both the Jury Prize and the Audience Prize for the best short film will receive an official award from the Festival.
All the shorts received, both live action and animation, compete in the category of Best Short

1. The works must be sent to the festival through the distribution platforms that collaborate with the organization.
Only works sent in digital format can participate.

2. Fantàstik Granollers is an international festival, therefore, the call is open to films of any nationality.
During the selection period, works can be presented in their language of origin.
If it is not Catalan or Spanish, they must be subtitled in those languages. If a film is selected as a finalist, it must be subtitled in Catalan or Spanish for its exhibition at the festival.

3. A specialized team made up of members of the organization will be in charge of selecting the finalist works that will be eligible for the awards.

4. The Audience Award will be awarded by the attendees present during the screenings through a voting system.

5. The deadline for sending works to the short sections begins on April 15 and ends on October 1, 2024. The organization reserves the right to extend the deadline if it deems it necessary.

6. The works selected for competition will be screened during the festival at the Edison cinema in Granollers.

7. Any production made from 2023 onwards and with a maximum duration of 20 minutes may participate in this contest.

8. Fantàstik Granollers is a festival with fantasy, science fiction and horror themes, therefore, all works must have some of these elements.

9. The festival consists of the following competitive categories:
-best screenplay
-better FX
-best Catalan short film
* If the Jury considers it appropriate, one or more special mentions may be given.

10. Both the Jury Prize and the Audience Prize for the best short film will receive an official award from the Festival.
All short films received, both live-action and animated, compete in the Best Short category.

11. Those responsible for the selected works must provide the festival organization with advertising material in digital format: photos, posts, press dossier, trailer, etc., so that the works can be promoted to the press, media and social networks.

12. In the event that a work is selected as a finalist, the organization will contact the distributor, producer, or director of the short to proceed with sending the copy that will be screened during the festival.
Copies must be in digital formats: HD, Plural, DCP or an MP4 in H264 format (1920x1080). The festival will not accept copies that are not in optimal conditions for exhibition.

13. The organization will decide the days and times of screening of the shorts.

14. The author or owner will maintain his intellectual right and will be within his jurisdiction, so long as the works presented are not subject to any legal liability and there are no rights to third parties.

15. The selected works must be in the possession of the organization 30 days before the start of the festival.

16. Registration implies acceptance of the regulations, any issue not provided for therein will be resolved by the festival organization.

17. The organization reserves the right to modify the rules if it deems necessary.

18. The Festival reserves the right to screen the short films submitted in special sessions outside the festival framework.

19. The registration fee will be €3

20. The organization, for reasons of force majeure, reserves the right to change dates or even cancel the festival. The registered shorts being automatically selectable for future editions.

Overall Rating
  • Tuomas Tuppurainen

    Honored to be selected, and a very friendly crew!

    December 2023