Espoo Digi-Dance International (EDDI), a collaborative effort by dancers and digital content creators in Espoo to inspire, cheer, and encourage everyone through a festive event combining the joyful spirit of dance, culture and digital technology.

Espoo is the second biggest city and municipal area in Finland, located a few kilometers west of the capital city of Helsinki. From the Helsinki airport it only takes about 30 minutes to reach Espoo and, from the City Center of Helsinki only about 15 minutes. It has a current population of about 289,000. Espoo does not have a traditional city center. Instead, it is divided into several regional centres. ​

The city of Espoo is known as a thriving technology centre in Europe where more than 600 major international companies have established operations including Nokia, Tieto, Kone, Neste, Fortum, Orion Corporation and more. Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds, is also located in Espoo as well as Aalto university, a world-class science and technology university.

Espoo is known as the happiest city in Finland and considered one of the most intelligent communities in the world. This is due to the diversity of nationalities, about 150 countries represented, and the presence of huge international companies bringing economic advantages to the city and its residents . Espoo is officially bilingual, Finnish and Swedish, but English is common and increasingly used.

Obviously, where there is ethnic diversity, there is rich eclectic culture. Espoo is a city of music and dance. The city houses several cultural facilities including theatres and libraries for various international cultural activities. In 2019, Espoo library won and was awarded “the Best Library of the world” in London because of its open and innovative ideas. ​

Certificates and/or plaques.

Films must not be more than three (3) years old and have no prior released versions on Social Media or other public video platforms: Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Submission fee is not refundable. Once a film is submitted, it may not be withdrawn for any reason. If the filmmaker decides to withdraw the submitted film, there is no refund. Submission fee has to be paid at the point of submission.

Filmmakers should have all required rights and releases for all the persons presented, possess the rights or have permission to make use all images, music and content that is included in the entry.


All films accepted to screen at the festival must be in PAL, DOLBY DIGITAL SOUND. Films accepted to screen at the festival must be submitted on a thumb drive and sent by mail. In addition, the submitter must provide a tracking number of the parcel and a link to a backup copy of the film online.

Due to theater requirements, the theater must have a physical copy of the film.
EDDI does not mail back thumb drive or copies of the film unless a prepaid envelope has been received from the filmmaker. Thumb drives will be given back to filmmakers at the festival.


By submitting to Espoo Digi-Dance International (EDDI) we have the right to preview your film/video. If accepted, filmmaker must submit the film/video in the requested format.

Espoo Digi-Dance International (EDDI) holds the right to withhold this video file for Espoo Digi-Dance Internationalarchives. If accepted you fully grant EDDI the non-exclusive right, royalty-free and license to showcase this film or video during the Helsinki Education Film Festival International.

The submitter agrees that excerpts from the entry and all publicity material submitted can be used for promotional purposes on radio, television, in print, web and at live events.

The submitter will indemnify and exempt Espoo Digi-Dance International from and against all kinds claims, liabilities, damages, losses and expenses that might be incurred for any reason including trademark copyright, credits, screening, publicity and loss of or damage to the material.


The venue is set at Opinmaki in Suurpelto, Espoo and date is on the Easter, 30 March 204. Please be guided and updated by our website for any unforeseen and necessary changes.