Searching beauty.
Italian virtuoso concert pianist and composer Enzo De Rosa born in Naples, Italy and began his piano studies at the age of 6 year. He developed solid pianistic skills with masters such as: A.Ciccolini. B. Petrushansky, J.Demus, J. Achucarro, G. Wilson, E. Fadini. S. Fiorentino, P. Badura Skoda, R. Firkusny, L.Berman, J. Swann.
Furthermore he studied composition and modern  music with L. Bacalov and F. Mannino as well as organ and harpsichord.
Enzo De Rosa soon developed a vivid interest for composition and modern music. He has developed the use of electronic instruments and acquired the knowledge of modern recording technics.
Enzo De Rosa is a eclectic musician, pianist and composer with an innate sense of both the beautiful and the tragic, the nostalgic and the hopeful, lending to a deeply sensitive interpretation of the material at hand.
In addition, he draws from a vast traditional repertoire that is perhaps only matched by his own uncompromising creativity coupled with an infectious joy of music and life.
He developed his artistic career in more than a dozen countries in Europe and the Middle East. He has performed in recitals and concertos as a soloist, as well as in chamber music groups.
He has worked on more than 600 productions for film, television, theatre, opera & cd recordings. 
He taught at the Conservatory of Music in Benevento in Italy, composition, history and analysis of film music and virtual digital orchestra  until 2013. He was also master vocal coach for the voice department.
He now lives in Montréal were he continues to develop his career as a pianist, composer and arranger.
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Napoli, Italy
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Melody you remember, music can't forget.
Searching beauty.