Eirik was born in the city of Hamar, Norway, in 1992. He was raised by his mom, until he was put in foster care by the age of 11. At this moment, Eirik found himself very attracted to acting, film and learning to produce electronic music.
At the age of 15, Eirik decided to study dramatic arts at Gjøvik High School. During this time he also learned to produce electronic music in different genres, he started writing scripts for short films, and he was given the lead role in a low budget short film, written by students from a different class. After 3 years in high school, he decided to take a 1 year course in Film Production at Danvik Folk High School. This was a very inspiring year, and he also took acting classes with the Norwegian actor Tom Arne Haug.
In 2014, Eirik was eager to learn more about music and studio work, and ended up at Sunnhordland Folk High School, studying Music Production. After 2 months, he decided to switch class, and began studying Theatre and Film instead. During this year he created the award-winning web series "Halsnøy", along with other students from his class. In 2015 he was granted a scholarship, which included a 2nd year, free of charge. During this year he wrote the script for the new psychological thriller "Linda", which was completed in late April 2016.
In August 2016 he went on to study more film in the beautiful city of Bergen. Since then he has been working on music videos, short films, documentaries and experimental films.
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February 24, 1992
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