Just as water and air: no existence without them; the same is for media: we breath it every day! I am the breathing machine - I am a filmmaker. My fresh oxygen is social videos, from A to Z ( Editing, Ideas and Scriptwriting, Direction). As there are SEVEN heavens, and as the number SEVEN conveys many wonders - the number of years of my experience in editing and direction is SEVEN; as for writing, we were born together.
When I sailed in the Atlantic ocean as a young cadet studying in the marine university, I conceived through the darkness of ocean waves and through the continuous rocking that ocean water is the ink for my quill and that the ship rocking is what moves my fantasy.
-Studied at Cinema school in Moscow and TV school in SPB and Kazan.
1-BSc in Filmmaking/Director
Cinematography school - Moscow
2-BA in eg
Water communication - Russia/Saint petersburg
AltFF Alternative Film Festival
Birth Date
August 13, 1969
Eyad Kikati
You cannot save people, you can just love
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