The 16th annual Eerie Horror Fest returns to the historic Warner Theatre for 2023!

Join us for 4 days of film experiences in downtown Erie, Pennsylvania. Programming includes: selected short and feature length films, special screening events, selected pitch competition finalists presenting to industry professionals, celebrity meet and greets, cast and crew Q&As, panel discussions, vendors, parties and much more!

Each selected feature film and pitch competition project will receive hotel accommodations for the duration of the festival (1 free room per film/project).

Films that spend 60% or more of their budget in Erie and/or Crawford counties in northwestern Pennsylvania are eligible for a fee waiver. Projects must be registered prior to submission by the Greater Erie Film Office, for verification purposes, in order to receive waiver code. Contact us for details.

*Beginning with 2021's event, the Eerie Horror Fest is under new management by the Film Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania and veteran Eerie Horror Fest operations leadership.


This fabulous structure bears the name of the world-famous Warner Bros., who commissioned it to be built in 1929. The theater features a 65-foot-by-28-foot proscenium stage and is complemented by crushed velour, gold and silver leaf, and gold-backed French mirrors. The air-conditioned theatre provides more than 2,250 upholstered, theatre-style seats. The Warner's Grand Lobby has capacity for up to 500 persons.

In May 2020, $30 million in restoration projects began and have been completed for our 2022 event. Upgrades include a 14' stage expansion, the creation of 13,750 square feet of new backstage space, new rigging, stage lighting, updated sound system, new loading docks, rehearsal hall, customized orchestral shell, and new HVAC equipment. The marquee on State Street has been reconstructed to replicate the original marquee and incorporates original elements including the stained glass at the corners of the canopy. The brick and stone facade around the marquee has been restored and repaired. Additionally, an enclosed walkway has been affixed to the theatre along French Streets connecting the mezzanine foyer to the rehearsal hall. The project also includes new carpeting throughout the theatre, restoration of the original restrooms, lobby shadow boxes and refurbishment of the Grand Lobby terrazzo flooring.

Also home to the Erie Philharmonic, Lake Erie Ballet and the Erie BROADWAY Series, the Warner Theatre hosts a wide range of lectures and entertainment shows. The theatre showcases an aggressive schedule of more than 150 events per year.

Each selected feature film and pitch competition project will receive hotel accommodations for the duration of the festival (1 free room per film/project).

All award winners receive a 4 month InkTip Pro membership to promote themselves and their scripts to InkTip's large network of producers and reps. Every InkTip producer has been vetted via resume and references and demonstrated the ability to get movies made.

BEST OF THE FEST - $1,000 cash awarded to best Feature or Short Narrative or Documentary film. Plus a "Skullie" award designed by "Monster" Mark Kosobucki.

PITCH COMPETITION WINNER - Consulting package from Blood Oath*: 2 sessions/1 hour each to discuss the project and give development notes with the possibility of becoming a Blood Oath project. Plus a "Skullie" award designed by "Monster" Mark Kosobucki.

NEW BLOOD AWARD - Awarded to a First-time Feature or Short film director(s) - "Red Skullie" award designed by "Monster" Mark Kosobucki.

BEST FEATURE AWARD - "Skullie" award designed by "Monster" Mark Kosobucki.

BEST SHORT AWARD - "Skullie" award designed by "Monster" Mark Kosobucki.

*Blood Oath is a curated group of like-minded, passionate experts in independent film, with an emphasis on genre filmmaking. For more information: https://www.jointhebloodoath.com


1. The following terms and conditions (the “Terms”) govern the submission of a film (the “Film”) to Eerie Horror Fest (“EHF”), through filmfreeway.com (“FilmFreeway”), for consideration for the 2023 Eerie Horror Fest (the “Festival”). Any questions about these Terms should be directed to info@eeriehorrorfest.com.


1. By submitting a Film to EHF for Festival consideration, the submitter (the “Applicant”) represents that they have (i) read, understood and agreed to the Terms, and (ii) obtained consent from any and all owners, creators, writers, producers, and/or other authorized representatives or rights holders of the Film whose consent is required to submit the Film to EHF (the “Film Owners”).
2. Submissions fees are in U.S. Dollars and are non-refundable.
3. EHF may disqualify or reject, but is not required to do so, any submission that it determines, in its sole and absolute discretion would not be in EHF's best interest to include in the Festival, including, but not limited to, any Film that is not in compliance, in whole or in part, with these Terms, and may do so without refunding any submission or other fees paid by the Registrant or returning any materials submitted by the Registrant. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, if any person connected to the Film is involved in, or alleged to be involved in, any situation or occurrence which subjects such person to public scandal, disrepute, widespread contempt, or public ridicule, that violates EHF’s code of conduct, or that will tend to shock, insult or offend the community or public morals or decency or prejudice EHF in general, then EHF shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to take any action it deems appropriate, including but not limited to excluding such person from attendance at the Festival and/or disqualifying the Film from participation in the Festival.


1. Films and Pitch Projects submitted to EHF for Festival consideration under these Terms must be submitted in one of the categories set out below.
2. Films that do not meet the eligibility requirements for any of the below categories should not be submitted and will not be considered by EHF.
3. Submission categories:

Category/Eligibility Requirements:

Narrative Feature Film - Feature films (both domestic and international) with run times of 50 minutes or longer.

Documentary Feature Film - Documentary feature films (both domestic and international) with run times of 50 minutes or longer.

Narrative Short Film - Short films (both domestic and international) with run times of 49 minutes or less.

Documentary Short Film - Documentary short films (both domestic and international) with run times of 49 minutes or less.

Narrative Pitch Competition - Feature-length Narrative (both domestic and international) projects with a completed script and pitch deck. Only the first 5 pages of your script are required for submission. See category description for additional materials you may submit for consideration.

4. EHF will accept submissions that have already premiered in the United States, but the Film’s premiere status will be taken into consideration when final programming decisions are made.

5. A Film will not be eligible for consideration and should not be submitted if:
a. the Film was completed prior to July 31, 2021; or
b. the Film was previously submitted to EHF for Festival consideration (please note: we will accept a “new cut” of a film that was previously submitted to EHF, provided that the Film still meets our eligibility requirements. We define a “new cut” as a Film that has undergone substantial changes including, but not limited to: editing, reshoots, or a new run time. Please submit a brief statement with your submission with reference to the new cut); or
c. the Film has been for sale on DVD/Blu-ray/VOD; or
d. the Film:
(i) had theatrical releases, or
(ii) has aired on television, or
(iii) has been available on a public streaming platform in the United States
EHF reserves the right to rule, in its sole discretion, on cases and situations not foreseen by these Terms.
6. All Films must be submitted as online screeners via FilmFreeway (as described below).
7. All selected films must supply EHF with an exhibition copy (“Exhibition Copy” or “Exhibition Copies”) of the Film by September 18, 2023, in a Theatrical Screening Format and/or Online Screening Format , as specified by EHF upon invitation. Note that delivery requirements are different based on format.
a. Theatrical Screening Format: applicable to Theatrical Screening Copies of feature films and Primetime serial content that are scheduled for presentation in cinema.
b. Online Screening Format: applicable to Online Screening Copies of all feature films, short films in short programs, and Primetime serial content presented on our online screening platform.
c. All non-English language films will be required to provide content with English subtitles.


Submission Procedure

1. All Films submitted under these Terms must be submitted in accordance with the procedure outlined herein. EHF may, but is not required to, disqualify or reject any Film that is not submitted in this way.
2. To submit a Film for Festival consideration, an Applicant must: (a) complete the registration process at FilmFreeway and pay the required fee and provide to EHF an online screener via FilmFreeway for review by EHF programming staff. EHF does not accept submissions in any other manner or format, including: DVDs, content burned to Read/Write (RW) discs, Blu-ray discs, external online links, downloadable files, or trailers.
3. Applicants should test their online screeners thoroughly before submitting them, and ensure their online screener remains active on FilmFreeway until September 18, 2023. The Applicant has sole responsibility for ensuring that the submitted online screener plays in its entirety. The screener must contain English subtitles if the original language is not English. If EHF is unable to view the online screener, EHF may attempt, but is under no obligation, to contact the Applicant in order to obtain a replacement online screener.
4. EHF will not review multiple versions of a submitted Film. Only one version of the Film may be submitted. If multiple versions are submitted, EHF can not guarantee the newest version will be reviewed and may only view the version that was received first.
5. Screeners will not be returned.
6. EHF is under no obligation to contact the Submitting Party should the Applicant not have adhered to the rules. Submission fees are non-refundable.


1. EHF will consider for inclusion in the Festival all eligible films that have been submitted by the above deadline and in accordance with these Terms. EHF reserves the right to consider for inclusion in the Festival, and include in the Festival, films received at any time and through any means, channel, or process, including means, channels, or processes other than those outlined in these Terms. Nothing in these Terms or otherwise requires EHF to select for Festival inclusion any of the Films submitted through the process outlined in these Terms.
2. All selection decisions are at the sole and absolute discretion of EHF, and are final and unreviewable. EHF is not required to provide any feedback, comments, or reasons, or any other information, regarding the selection or non-selection of any submitted Film or the process by which Films are or have been selected. EHF is not responsible or liable for its selection decisions; for the contents of any internal comments or feedback regarding the Film that are or may be obtained from the Applicant or anyone else; for any communications by any representative of EHF relating to the Film or the Festival selection process; for the manner in which the Film shall be, is, or was considered and reviewed; or for any failure on the part of the Festival to provide the Applicant or anyone else with information concerning EHF’s consideration and/or review of the Film.
3. EHF will notify by September 4, 2023, all Applicants who have been selected to participate in the Festival. All Applicants who are not selected to participate in the Festival will be contacted by email on or around September 4, 2023. EHF will contact Applicants using the contact information provided in the FilmFreeway registration form. Applicants are responsible for providing correct and functional contact information. EHF is not responsible for any failed attempts to contact Applicants using the contact information provided.


1. By submitting the film to EHF, the Applicant and Film Owners (the “Submitting Parties”) hereby warrant and represent that: (i) the Film is wholly original and is not copied from and does not include any other work that is the subject of copyright or other protection, unless such work is in the public domain or the Submitting Parties have obtained any and all consents, releases, licenses, and other authorizations or waivers of any kind necessary for the inclusion or reproduction of any person, character, location, thing, trademark, sound recording, musical composition, or other work in the Film; (ii) the Film does not defame any person or violate the common law or statutory rights, including, without limitation, the rights of privacy and publicity or any other right of any person; (iii) the Film is not the subject of litigation or any dispute that may give rise to litigation; (iv) there are no agreements, nor will there be any agreements made subsequent to the date of this Film submission, that would or could have the effect of impairing the Submitting Parties’ ability to provide the Film as contemplated herein, or otherwise conflict with any provision of these Terms; and (v) the Submitting Parties have the full right, power, and authority to submit the Film to EHF for Festival consideration, and to grant all of the rights granted hereunder and in the FilmFreeway registration form, including, without limitation, the right to screen the Film in Festival venues and/or digitally on EHF’s online screening platform, and there is no prior obligation or impediment which would in any way impair or restrict the Submitting Parties from fully performing all obligations pursuant to the submission and these Terms.
2. The Submitting Parties agree to indemnify and hold harmless EHF, its licensees, successors, and assigns, and its and their members, officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, associates, volunteers, and affiliates (each, a “Releasee”), from any claim, suit, action, or other proceeding brought against a Releasee and from any losses, costs, or damages, including the Releasee’s full legal fees and costs, which it may have suffered or incurred or may suffer or incur, directly or indirectly based on, in connection with, or arising from the use and exhibition of the Film submitted by the Applicant, including, without limitation, the decision to exhibit or not exhibit the Film, which decision shall be in EHF’s sole and absolute discretion, or the breach or alleged breach of any representation, warranty, or other agreement made by the Applicant in these Terms, or in the Applicant’s FilmFreeway registration form.
3. EHF takes reasonable anti-piracy and security precautions. While in EHF’s possession, all Films are securely stored and regularly inventoried. Access to Films is limited to EHF staff who require access in order to screen and consider submissions. No duplication and loaning of Films is permitted. Digital Screenings made available on EHF’s online screening platform will possess, at minimum, (i) access restrictions to accredited delegates and ticket purchasers, (ii) forensic watermarking on the content, (iii) geoblocking capabilities, and (iv) restrictions on concurrent streaming across devices. By submitting a Film to EHF, the Submitting Parties hereby release EHF from any and all liability in the event of theft, unauthorized access or copying, or any breach of copyright of the Film while it is in EHF’s possession or on EHF’s online screening platform.


1. EHF reserves the right to rule, in its sole and absolute discretion, on cases and situations not foreseen by these Terms.

Overall Rating
  • Conall Pendergast

    Communication was friendly and informative, and everything seemed extremely well-organized and well-run. Plus the venue looked incredible! I was very disappointed that I couldn't attend, but I was honoured and very happy to have my film screen!

    November 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for the kind words, Conall, and for your incredible film! We hope to get you out here next time.

  • Ryan Thiessen

    Eerie Horror is an amazing festival in a beautiful theater run by a team of people that love and support horror filmmaking. Big thank you to John and his team for having us at the event this year. We really enjoyed all the films and workshops along with just hanging out in downtown Erie. Really great group of people and I hope to return again in the future.

    October 2022
    Response from festival:

    It was great to meet you, Ryan! Thank you for the kind words and for choosing our festival to showcase your work!

  • Brian Dailey

    We loved this festival. We spent 4 days here and enjoyed every minute of it. I would absolutely recommend submitting your films here. The hosts are incredible, the venue is amazing. I could go on and on, but I don't have that much space here.

    October 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your review, Brian, and thank you for choosing our festival to showcase your work! Looking forward to your next.

  • Tito Fernandes

    Brilliant festival and an honour to be apart of.

    October 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for the kind words, Tito, and thank you for choosing our festival to showcase your work! We look forward to seeing what you create next.

  • An absolutely wonderful fest. Everything you want a horror fest to be with amazing hosts and great communication. THE MOST stunning location.

    October 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Simon, for submitting your film to our fest! Keep us in mind for your future films.