Edya Stern is an Israeli dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher. Based in Tel Aviv and a mother to twins now 6 years old. she is a B.Ed graduate in Dance & Education, and a Master's student at the Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas at Tel Aviv University.
These days she is creating a dance quartet meant to raise questions on the ability to give, sacrifice, and support others, as well as the deeper interests that motivate these behaviors.
Another project by Edya “Shihi Enoshi” (loosely translated as 'A humane Friday’) which is now in its second year, is an artistic meeting of various artists with the audience with minimum to no buffers.
In 2021 after a year and a half of the corona shutdown, Edya created VACUUM - a dance film about the impact of the covid-19 pandemic crisis on stage artists' mental state and the profound impact of the absence of stage art on society. The film participated and was nominated for a prize in two festivals (US and Europe). This was Edya's second dance film after she collaborated with a director for the creation of “Freedom” which also participated in festivals around the world.
Edya currently dances In “Woman” a female dance project run by Yaniv Hoffman, which gives their point of view on the 'Me Too' movement, and has recently danced at the Sally Ann Friedland Dance Company - a renowned choreographer, based in Israel. Among others, she has also danced in DeDedoris Ensemble and the Shakatak group.
Edya is an experienced teacher of different professions in dance, mainly of Choreography, Contemporary Dance, both adults and youth.
Tel Aviv University
Seminar Hakibutzim
Birth Date
October 9, 1986
Current City
Tel Aviv
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