Sponsored by the National Independent Film Association (NIFA Awards), this film contest will highlight interesting and well-done trailers/sneak previews. The best of those will be shown before the 13th Anniversary screening event of the cult classic "Ed Gein, the Musical". The evening's show will have live music, world premiere trailers and an intro and Q & A with the film's creators. To be held at the 450 seat Time Community Theater in Oshkosh, WI (6:30 PM & 9:00 PM Showings) Sat, April 1st, 2023.

“Ed Gein, the Musical” is the cult classic
musical about the depraved, cannibalistic,
serial-killing, necrophiliac Ed Gein.
● Over 500 Theatrical Screenings in 11 states
● Written about in over 1000 publications
● Aired on Retro TV Network & PBS
● Nationally Distributed by SRS Cinema
(Fall 2022)
● “EGTM” stars Dan Davies, the star of the
worldwide Netflix sensation, “A Trip to
Jamaica” (Netflix - Jan-2020 - Jan-2022)


“Ed Gein, the Musical” inspired by the “Psycho”
serial killer. “Will she dig me as I dig her”
Roger Ebert

“It’s deliciously tasteless”
Arizona Daily Star

“It fills a niche that few knew even existed”
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

“It’s creative and boldly confident in its
tastelessness. Dan Davies really throws himself
into this role.”
Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“The best movie ever on Ed Gein.”
Michael Blake - Golden Globe & Oscar Winner

“The notorious serial killer (Ed Gein) finally gets
the musical he deserves.”
Chicago Reader

“It’s appropriately grisly & creepy but also
funny and showstopping.”
Wisconsin State Journal

“Ed Gein...is surely an unsuitable subject for
light entertainment - still, it could have been
worse. They might have come up with “We Will
Rock You”
The Financial Times - London, UK

The winning trailers or sneak previews will win the NIFA Best of Show (Trailer/Preview) certificate and will be shown before the screening of the cult classic "Ed Gein, the Musical" at the 450 seat Time Community Theater Oshkosh, WI. The trailers will be shown at all two screenings (6:30P & 9:00P) Sat, April 1st. 2023

Trailers/Previews/Sneak Previews have to be under 3 minutes to qualify.

Send an online screener of the trailer/preview through FilmFreeway or other online link:
(Dropbox, Google Drive, Vimeo, etc.) Send links to danny.daviz@gmail.com and include your FilmFreeway registration number.

We will accept DVD's or BRD's in the mail but online is preferred.