EarthXR is a division of the annual EarthX Expo - the largest Earth Day gathering in the southern United States, held in Dallas, TX. It is a showcase of the latest Extended Reality programs focusing on the outdoors, nature, and the environment.

EarthXR is the immersive (XR) program for EarthX, that will exhibit environmentally driven and conscious emerging media installations and content throughout the conference and Expo at Fair Park from April 19-23, 2023. Works may include but are not limited to virtual (VR), mixed (MR) and augmented reality (AR) projects, 360 films, installations, but in any event, projects must have some sort of immersive or interactive digital element. Linear or 2D films will not be accepted for EarthXR unless accompanied by an immersive installation or in addition to a mixed media project.

If chosen to be featured in the program, EarthX and EarthXR reserve the right to use materials from the content to be featured in any promotional or marketing materials for the expo. If you have any questions, please email