***Please note that we accept NON-FICTIONAL FILMS ONLY***

The European Outdoor Film Tour (E.O.F.T.) is an annual hand-picked program of the best adventure and outdoor sport films.

Innovative and authentic storytelling is the core of E.O.F.T.. We seek to foster and represent the outdoors as an inclusive space curating a unique film collection featuring big vistas, bonafide outdoor action as well as immersive stories from the great outdoors.

Each year we select 5-7 films for our program combining shorts with fully-fledged documentaries. Running times range from 2 to 35 minutes but we encourage you to submit your film regardless of running time as we offer to collaborate with the filmmaker to adapt the film to a carefully crafted edit, fitting for our format. The full E.O.F.T. program runs at about 2 hrs.

For 20 years and counting, the European Outdoor Film Tour has been bringing a night of inspiration and outdoor action to the big screen. We tour 15 European countries and in a growing number of countries overseas.

E.O.F.T. Audience Award
We select the program but our audience chooses the winner, who will take home the official E.O.F.T. Audience Award after each season.

We pay filmmakers a licensing fee for films selected for the tour. This fee is negotiated on the basis of running time, level of exclusivity, and production value.

We love creating community so we invite filmmakers and their film's protagonists to selected events to join us on stage. We cover all travel and accommodation expenses.