❗ Attention: We had a recent change in date and location. ❗

The EICFF is located in the old quarter of Heilbad Heiligenstadt - a town with over a thousand years of history right in the center of Germany. Held in a beautiful architectural ensemble between an old water mill and a big granary - one of the town's oldest remaining structures, it's one of the latest additions to the Eichsfeld region's growing and buzzing cultural life.

We want to give filmmakers all over the world the opportunity to show their work to an audience that loves film as much as we all do. And what could be better than enjoying those precious gems on a warm summer night with fresh popcorn and a cold drink from our bar?

All the festival work is done by film enthusiasts in their free time. We believe that the best film festivals are those that are organized and run by people who voluntarily pour their hearts and souls into it.

The latest addition to our programme is the inclusion of a distinct category for experimental short films under the motto "Roots". Together with an accomplished local artist we plan to set up an artistic light installation reflecting the motto, incorporating the selected experimental films.

You can submit your short films under 30 minutes and feature films over 60 minutes. We believe that any genre is worth watching. We don't care whether your budget is big, small or non-existent.

Do you want to change the world or do you want to tell a silly story? Do you want to make your audience laugh or cry? It doesn't matter - there's only one rule:

Don't be boring! 🎆

🏆 Best Feature Film
🏆 Best Short Film
🏆 Best Short Documentary

🎟️ All selected filmmakers will receive a free submission waiver for the next year's edition

📽️ We'll pitch the three best feature films to our cinema distributor in Germany

0.) General

We don't put limitations on production year, budget, premiere status or genre.

Submissions must include:
+ short synopsis
+ poster
+ at least one still frame
+ trailer (for films longer than 20 minutes)
+ online screener OR download link
+ subtitles in either English or German (if necessary)

By submitting you declare that you obtained all the necessary licenses and permits for publicly presenting your work.

Additionally you grant us the rights to use and / or alter the material included in your submission (synopsis, trailer, poster, still frames) for promotional purposes only.

1.) Feature Film

Any film over 60 minutes in length.

Only the winning film will get a screening during the festival. The three best films will be pitched to our cinema distributor in Germany. However, a distribution deal is not guaranteed.

2.) Short Film

Any film under 30 minutes.

3.) Short Documentary

Any documentary under 30 minutes.

4.) Experimental Short

Any type of experimental short film under 30 minutes.

This year's motto is "Roots". The submission MUST contain a short explanation on how the film fits into the motto.

5.) Lokalhelden / Local Heroes

This category is reserved for projects that have any connection whatsoever to the Eichsfeld region. The submission MUST contain an explanation for said connection.