The EDU Film Festival is Minnesota's premier film festival for high school students. Each year students from schools across the state attend the festival to view each other's work, take part in panel discussions, network with high school and professional filmmakers, and compete for Best-in-Fest awards.

This year, EDU will expand its reach and accept entries from youth filmmakers from across the north - from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and the Dakotas.

Best in Fest
Best Documentary
Best Experimental
Best Narrative
Best Music Video
Best Micro-Film
Best Animation
Best Cinematography
Minnesota Women in Film and TV Emerging Filmmaker Award
Twin Cities Film Festival Emerging Filmmaker of Color Award

The EDU Film Festival will not condone nor accept entries which:

Glamorize and/or graphically depict acts of violence

Glamorize any act of selling, consuming, or distributing drugs or alcohol

Glamorize any act of theft

Glamorize or emphasize any sexual act whether implied or directly stated

Make any direct or indirect threat to an individual, group, or entity

Harass and/or bully an individual, group, or entity

Are performed while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any other intoxicating substance

Contain profane or obscene language

Videos should not contain unauthorized copyrighted material. The EDU Film Festival is not responsible for confirming copyright permissions and any illegal use of copyrighted materials is the responsibility of the entrant. For more information about obtaining rights to copyrighted material visit