We are opening the channels for beautiful, multi faceted, deeply connected movies to screen this July at our big community event at a magical castle outside of Berlin!
We are gathering to share in experiences, ceremony, arts, medicines, spiritual practices, dance and circles. As fellow filmmakers, this medium is dear to our hearts and will play an essential part at the festival.

From telling stories around the fires amongst the native tribes, to the ancient theaters in Greece, to the first motion pictures. Film is an incredible vehicle to mirror and reflect human life in all its varieties. We are becoming more and more aware of the wonderful opportunity and also responsibility storytellers have to affect and guide the direction in which we are developing as a society.

If you are feeling resonance with our spirit and have a film you would like to send us, we are more than happy to hear from you at ✨🎬

1. The winners and those who receive special mention by the jury will receive by mail the certificate that accredits their participation.

2.The prizes will be represented in training, distribution and promotion for the winning films. These will be published in advance and may be modified according to the support achieved by the festival.

1. Films can only be submitted by the producer or the director.

2. All the films produced during the years 2018, 2019, 2020 or after January 1, 2021 may participate.

3. Films will have a maximum duration of 75 minutes including credits.

4. The same film can not participate in several categories. Only the category most in accordance with the film must be chosen.

5. The productions will be presented in the original version with the corresponding subtitles in English for their exhibition at the festival. These subtitles will be attached as a separate file in the standard .SRT format or they should be inserted in the film. Disqualification may not cause to present subtitles in Spanish.

6. The exhibition formats are: In audiovisual file with H.264 codec, extension .mov or .mp4, and resolution 1920 X 1080 NO OTHER CODEC OR EXTENSIONS WILL BE RECEIVED.

7. The films that do not technically guarantee a correct projection will be rejected.

8. The festival is not responsible for possible infractions in the matter of copyright in which the received films may incur, being these always the responsibility of its producer and / or director.

9. Films that have participated in previous versions of the festival will not be considered.

Movies can be sent in one of the following ways:

1. Online through FilmFreeway, or sending the file to is not necessary to register the film on all platforms, just choose one of the options.

2. All participants must fill an entry form: a short text with a little presentation of the movie and a copyright authorization for the screening.

3. The selected films will not be returned or withdrawn, the films will be part of the festival's personal collection.

4.The filmmakers classified in the Official Selection and winners, accept that their films according to competition, are exhibited in the different activities in relation to the festival in replicas in Germany or other parts of the world to which the festival can arrive and replicas in different places where the festival makes diffusion. All exhibitions will be free. The selected ones give to the organization their exhibition rights to show the short films in this festival and in future events related to it.

5. Among all the short films received, for their participation in the festival, they are selected for the quality standards and coherence with the category in participation, will be selected at the discretion of the Committee of the Festival Curators. The decision of the Committee of Festival Curators is unappealable.

6.According to the dates established by the Festival, pre-selections will be made and the participants will be notify.

7. Those selected will be notified before and the official selection will be announced on July 4, 2021 or a date close to that determined by the festival on the festival website: and also in Facebook.

8.If is convenient, the festival could to change or move a film to other category.

9.The festival can be held entirely online or in a hybrid version. In this case, the filmmakers will be requested prior authorization so that their films can be exhibited online only during the dates of the festival.

10. For to apply to these bases the selected films automatically accept to use excerpts of images for the promotion of the Official Selection of the Festival in the differents media.

1. The Official Jury, composed of renowned professionals in the field of film and culture, will be responsible for choosing the winner in each category.
2.There will be an official jury of maximum two for each category, also the jury may have more categories to its charge.
3.The judges' decision shall be final and not subject to appeal.
4.The jury reserve the right to declare any category deserted if it deems fit.
5. The jury may propose mentions of honor according to the field of your experience.
6. Individuals directly related to the films selected for competition, will be ineligible to participate as members of the jury.

1. By submitting a film to the Festival, you agree to these terms and conditions.
2. The received films that do not comply with the general conditions of participation and the pre-selection requirements will not be registered. The organization of the contest reserves the right to make the decisions that it considers pertinent for those cases not foreseen in these bases.
3. The present bases are subject to possible modifications and / or annexes if necessary.

Festival organized by Duka production
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  • Kevin Lucero Less

    Thank you so very much DUKA for selecting my experimental film "Aqua Tone"! I wish I had the opportunity to attend your amazingly original festival. I'm honoured to have been involved.

    August 2021