The Dubai Motorcycle Film Festival (DMFF) is the only Dubai film festival that is exclusively dedicated to screening films focused on motorcycles, as well as the amazing culture and camaraderie of the motorcycling community.

The third Dubai Motorcycle Film Festival is scheduled to take place at Warehouse Four, Saturday 02 December, 2023.

The festival will screen the best dramatic, documentary and short films, that reveal the passion of riders and the soul behind riding motorcycles.

Submit Your Film

Whilst many of the films screened at DMFF are by special invitation, we'd love for as many people as possible to submit their films. Submissions are open to film makers from any country and those films selected for screening can look forward to the following benefits...

• Screening of your film in our exclusive pop-up cinema at Warehouse Four.
• Promotion of your film via the DMFF website as well as via Instagram & Facebook.
• A landing page for your film on the DMFF website together with film synopsis and trailer (if one is available).
• A vastly multi-cultural Dubai audience that loves motorcycles, movies and has a vibrant and fast growing motorcycle community.

If you’re planning on visiting Dubai during DMFF, please do give us a shout and if you give us enough notice, we'll arrange for you to take part in a Q&A session with the audience.

Last but not least, we'll buy you lunch and coffee at one of the amazing motorcycle cafe hangouts here in Dubai. We've got some cracking venues!

We’ll be awarding a small number of awards to participating films in the following categories…

Best Dubai Film
Best Feature Film
Best Documentary
Best Short Film (under 15 mins)
Best Film (over 15 mins)
Best Dramatic Film

We may add additional prizes and/or categories depending on the number and type of films entered.

All the awards will be chosen by our DMFF judging panel which is made up of local and international motorcycle, media, and film industry professionals.


The 3rd Dubai Motorcycle Film Festival (DMFF) will take place on Sat 2 December 2023.

Submissions will only be accepted by agreeing, in full, to the following Terms and Conditions.

1. All films entered in The Dubai Motorcycle Film Festival (DMFF) must feature motorcycles or motorcycle culture as a key component or theme.

2. All films must be in English and/or contain English subtitles.

3. You guarantee that you have the right and/or authorization to submit the film to the Dubai Motorcycle Film Festival as your own work or on behalf of the films creators.

4. You guarantee that all rights and licenses have been cleared or approved, including but not limited to, music, copyright, trademark, royalty and credits, before submitting it to the Dubai Motorcycle Film Festival.

5. You give permission for the Dubai Motorcycle Film Festival to use short excerpts, including but not limited to, stills, titles, screen-grabs and/or information from the film for promotional purposes, online and in any print media or campaigns connected with the Dubai Motorcycle Film Festival. This includes brochures/programs, printed media magazines/newspapers and online.

6. You give permission for the Dubai Motorcycle Film Festival to screen the film any number of times, at any time and at their sole discretion during the festival.

7. You understand and agree that Dubai Motorcycle Film Festival shall not be held responsible or liable for any losses or damages resulting from failure to screen submissions accepted into the festival.

8. All submissions to the Dubai Motorcycle Film Festival are reviewed by the DMFF programming team. The applicants whose film(s) have been selected for inclusion in the film festival will be notified via email.

9. Submission of your film does not guarantee acceptance into the Dubai Motorcycle Film Festival. Selection is at the sole discretion of DMFF.

10. You understand and agree that film submissions may not be withdrawn from DMFF once submitted and/or your participation has been confirmed, except at the discretion of the Dubai Motorcycle Film Festival.