Welcome to Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival.

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Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival is committed to perceiving, appreciating, advancing, and granting movie makers all throughout the planet.

Make your voices heard and your projects seen with Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival

Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival(DCIFF) is a worldwide stage for association, showcase, new creation, new ideas, new talents.

We are passionate about supporting up-and-coming directors, producers and actors, and providing them with worthwhile, memorable screening experiences. These include Q&As with filmmakers, industry round tables, and audience awards.
▶ We are accepting submissions for a number of categories and are open to all languages, as long as films in a language other than English are subtitled in English. All submissions must come through FilmFreeway◀

Winner announcements will be released through our social media to help promote your film.
We know the importance of having a full house cinema. This is why we are committed to promote all our events around the world and present our screenings free of charge.
Each event is an opportunity for networking with other artists and people from the industry

We proudly announce all our Categories.
Your project might become a multi-award-winning film!.
Your film will be considered in all the submitted categories. If you submit to an additional category please add the name of the artist to be considered in that category.

1- In order to submit a film, you must own the rights or have permission from the owner.
2- The Festival relationship will exclusively be related to the film submitter.
3- Any Foreign film that is not in English must have English subtitles.
4- All fees are non-refundable.
5-Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival will not be responsible for damaged copies.
6- A DCP/MOV/MP4 copy of the film is required for the annual gala screening.
7- Not all the submissions are selected for the official competition. Our Judges are free to make their own choices and no answers will be given about not selected films.
8- Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival can consider any film to be disqualified if the festival considers the content inappropriate.
9- Filmmakers can submit the film in multiple categories in order to become a multi-award film. Our Team may suggest the categories that are more suitable for the film to apply. Still, the decision about the selection is strictly determined by our judges' team and no selection is guaranteed.
10- A fee is required for the main category submission and also fees for additional categories. For payment structure visit (FilmFreeway website).
11- The applicants (submitters) must accept Dreamz Catcher International Film Festival's Rules and Terms.

Overall Rating
  • George Chiang

    A wonderful festival that takes great care in making it a great experience for everyone! And thanks so much for the 2 awards for Golden Lotus for Best Performing Arts and Best Actress!

    May 2022
  • Thank you very much. I am honored that you have selected LE TOUR KASHMIR for your festival.

    April 2022
  • Great festival, smooth communication, unique experience. Thanks for selecting our short film, it was an honor to be part of your festival!

    April 2022
  • Having our; documentary - A Survivor Amongst Survivors, recognised as a winner in two categories was an honour. A friendly festival; that supports independent filmmakers. Unfortunately, Covid-related issues prevented us from attending the live screening; perhaps next year. It's a fantastic festival.

    April 2022
  • Very professional festival, I enjoyed the experience throughout. Well done

    April 2022