Double Exposure, a project of the investigative news organization 100Reporters, celebrates the finest new films inspired by the investigative instinct. It combines film screenings for the public with a professional symposium for journalists and visual storytellers.

Now entering its tenth year, DX does more than just identify and celebrate a new genre of filmmaking. It casts this vital body of work toward recognition as a coherent artistic vision. It connects audience appreciation for creative output to the rights of reporters and filmmakers to pursue investigations in the public interest; it ties stirrings of artistic curiosity to practical consequences and groundbreaking storytelling to policy changes.

As DX 2024 approaches, public awareness of investigative reporting’s importance for a vibrant democracy has never been more urgent–particularly in Washington, epicenter of the assault on verifiable truth. As grave as may be the efforts to stifle watchdog journalism, however, there is also light: a rebirth of relentless investigative reporting alongside exciting new forms of storytelling that mix journalism with film, serial podcasts in audio and video, hybrid storytelling, virtual reality–even poetry.

Film Program:

Double Exposure screens timely, compelling films drawn from the notebooks and experiences of investigative journalists and visual storytellers working across a variety of media, whether in print, radio, or film. The films presented at Double Exposure include new narrative and documentary works that are either about investigative journalism or journalists, based on investigative reporting, or films that are investigations unto themselves. All screenings are followed by lively discussions with directors, producers, protagonists, subject experts and journalists.


Symposium sessions tackle big-picture issues and developments, such as #MeToo; race, class and the camera’s eye; money laundering; interrogating the creative process, and much more. Workshops train artists on essential skills including safety in the field, encryption, fact checking, with introductions to key legal experts, editors, producers, and grantmakers.

Double Exposure hosts a pro bono legal clinic with leading First Amendment and entertainment attorneys, as well as numerous networking and pitch opportunities.

Feature-length films and shorts eligible for consideration. Films selected must not have been previously available to Washington, DC audiences, either through theatrical release or streaming.

Overall Rating
  • David Novack

    Double Exposure, with its unique focus on Journalist film and located in the nation's capitol, is a very special festival with engaged audiences and a dedicated staff. The parallel forum was very engaging. The directors and their supporters have a deep love for the kind of work they show, and in a truly independent spirit. Filmmakers are treated well at the festival, with ample opportunity for networking.

    December 2023
  • Matthieu Lietaert

    Amazing fest, amazing team, amazing films, amazing networking. Am I missing something? ;) It was a true honor to get our film THE ILLUSION OF ABUNDANCE in DC!

    November 2023