One day, after seeing a movie at the Dos Lagos Starlight Stadium 15, Filmmaker Ryan McGonagle was struck with an epiphany... "This would be a perfect place for a film festival! It's attached to an ecosystem of shops, eateries, breweries and other merchants! Creators could network and throw their screening parties here!" In 2016, The Inaugural KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival set sail, at the Dos Lagos 15. The party migrated to Hollywood and after three more successful years (one of which, screened online exclusively during quarantine), the Co-Creators decided to design an additional participation experience!

The Inaugural Dos Lagos Film Festival at the Starlight Dos Lagos Stadium 15! We look forward to showcasing your motion picture on their gigantic silver screens! Connect with an encouraging society of positive, knowledgeable, visionary, playful, experimental veterans and brand new creators of all types of movie perspectives!

Dos Lagos 15 is in the heart of the Dos Lagos Shopping Center, chockfull of eateries, clothing boutiques, specialty stores and grocery food markets! We do encourage you to frequent our Sponsor, Stone Church Brewing, who will showcase the daily events and screening schedules! It's also a perfect place to plan your afterparty!

The Dos Lagos Film Festival Awards Ceremony on the very first night, Oct 21st, will also be hosted at Stone Church Brewing!

We look forward to meeting new creators and re-connecting with familiar faces of yesteryear!

The Dos Lagos Shopping Center has plenty of parking!

-Starlight Dos Lagos Luxury 15 Theaters-

2710 Lakeshore Dr.

Corona, CA 92883

(877) 795-4410

Feature Film, Short Film, Actor, Cast, Music Video Trailer, PSA, Sizzle Reel

Every Winner/Winning Project in these categories, will receive a special trophy.

We accept Blu-rays and DCPs.

There is an $8 fee if you need us to burn a motion picture onto Blu-ray

Overall Rating
  • Thank you for selecting my short film Sister Margo Muse of Embers! I am very honored to be part of your festival. More power to you!

    November 2022
  • Thank you for screening us at your festival! We are grateful!

    November 2022
  • Wayne Diu

    This was one of the best festivals I've attended! Thanks to Dave, Curt, and Tara for being such wonderful hosts. The entire event was exceptionally well organized and everything was well thought out. I appreciated that the hotel, theatre, and meet and greet location were all within steps of each other. I was able to see many great films and meet talented filmmakers. The theatre where the films were screened was amazing, with great picture quality and sound, and they even had the poster for my film on the ticket machine's screen! And thanks also for awarding my ultra low-budget first feature "The Dental Plan" as well -- the VHS tape prize was really cool!

    November 2022
  • Chad Koeller

    Great festival! We had a lot of fun. Dave and Ryan are great and did an excellent job!

    October 2022
  • Russell Emanuel

    Great film festival that treated us well! Thank you so much!

    October 2022