Sup y'all? Doppoganga here, epic hi!
A Boston-bound content creator/filmmaker, who goes by the name of Doppoganga (pronounced as doppelganger), who likes to tell stories with a huge inspiration from anime, video games, and Asian cinema.
Everything started when he attended Anime Boston in 2008. Since then, he has learned a lot about the anime/arts community and loves the atmosphere. He started to learn martial arts and hip-hop after he was inspired by several animes including DragonBall-Z and Samurai Champloo. Since then, he is determined to self-taught filmmaking.
In 2016, one of his content is Cosplay Action videos, where he attends anime conventions and creates action scenes with random cosplayers on the spot.
One of the main struggles he has had is coping with his depression as well as many personal matters, one of which was primarily family.
Being born in the US and not having to deal with the struggles his family had gone through, his family wanted him to be a doctor or a lawyer but he had decided to pursue a different career path and they strongly disapproved.
He knows that they only want what is best for him but he believes he can make them proud in another way until he continues to deal with the stress of disappointing them and ongoing societal pressures.
His work allows him to cope with these factors, and these struggles continue but having so much support and the many creative opportunities that he has made them seem less daunting.
  • Fight Choreographer (1 Credit)
    The Brawler2023
  • Post Dialogue Recordist (1 Credit)
    The Brawler2023
  • Acting (1 Credit)
    The Brawler2023
  • Producer (1 Credit)
    The Brawler2023
  • Writer (1 Credit)
    The Brawler2023
  • Director (1 Credit)
    The Brawler2023
Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools
Film Production & Editing
High School
Snowden International
General Studies
Birth Date
December 16, 1990
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"Living life without a purpose or passion is like committing spiritual suicide, the purpose of living is to know what you are living for." - Catherine Lecomte
"It starts with a dream.
Add faith,
and it becomes a belief.
Add action,
and it becomes a part of life.
Add perseverance,
and it becomes a goal in sight.
Add patience and time,
and it ends
with a dream come true."
- Doe Zantamata
"Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it."
- Bruce Lee
"Every great person has had obstacles thrown at them. Success or fail, how you react to them is what counts"
- Gee Javier
"Don’t let getting lonely make you reconnect with toxic people. You shouldn’t drink poison just because you’re thirsty."
-Jay Shetty
"With new changes comes new challenges."
- Zaida (Down To Earth)
"The true warrior fights not because he hates what is in front of him… but because he loves what is beside and behind him."
- Katsumoto (The Last Samurai)
Sup y'all? Doppoganga here, epic hi!
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