Door Kinetic Arts Festival inspires collaborations and provides audiences access to artists and their new creative ventures.
Led by Oscar winning filmmaker and writer Eric Simonson, special guests like Rainn Wilson, Lydia Diamond, Campbell Scott, Catherine Trieschmann, Harry J Lennix, Holiday Reinhorn and Dan Lauria mix with Hollywood and Broadway writers, directors and actors, as well as innovative dance and performance artists such as Harold Green, Lucky Plush Productions, The Seldoms and Sossy Mechanics, and the insights of cocktail expert Robert Simonson.
Collaboration and inspiration on the beautiful lakeshore grounds make for a thrilling week.
The Door Kinetic Arts Festival premieres other completed and in-process works in film, theatre and dance, exhibits kinetic sculpture, and offers cocktail talks with spirits and cocktail experts. The festival encourages collaboration among resident artists and provides opportunities to socialize and collaborate with a range of artists, enhancing the experience for all participants.

-Best of the Fest
-Best Narrative Short Film
-Best Documentary Short Film
-Best Wisconsin Short Film
-Best Animation Short Film
-Best Dance Short Film


- Competition is open to U.S. and International entries.

- Short films are under 40 minutes in length. Do not submit a project longer than 40 minutes or you will be disqualified.

-- Films not in English must be subtitled or dubbed in English.

- If you are burning a consumer disc, CLEARLY write your Project Title, Tracking #, and Contact information on the disc. PLEASE test the DVD on several players before sending. Please use recyclable packaging.

- Films must have been completed after January 1, 2022. Films must be available for screening during the Door Kinetic Arts Festival in September 2023.

- Once an entry payment has been processed, we cannot provide a refund.

- Please include in your cover letter if your film was SHOT IN WISCONSIN (include locations) or made by WISCONSIN FILMMAKERS.

With entries in our possession, we take the utmost care. However, we cannot accept responsibility for loss, damage or additional charges incurred en route, or due to normal wear and tear, or due to equipment failure. PLEASE don't send original prints or master copies of any project. Additionally, Door Kinetic Arts is held harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity or screening of any film.

DVDs and press materials will not be returned without a prepaid mailer.

Overall Rating
  • Andy Wolk

    While I was not able to attend this year, I was so pleased to have my film ROUGH MAGIC: EXIT SHAKESPEARE selected and then honored with an Award. The communication with the Festival -- especially Alan -- was excellent and to be included with such an interesting and eclectic group was quite an honor. I only wish I could have made it out there as it sounds like it was just a terrific event!

    December 2022
  • MT Shorts

    While we were unable to attend this year, we were welcomed with open arms with our musical short film STILL HERE. Festival communication was fabulous and the programming looked especially unique, intentional, and interactive. The personal attention they give filmmakers is top notch-we even received a thoughtful note during the festival from producer Alan. Thank you DKAF for hosting our film-we can't wait to come back again in-person to experience the magic ourselves!

    October 2022
  • Wonderful festival! An honor to be included. Despite having to be online due to CoVid the festival had an energetic engagement with audience and filmmakers.

    September 2021
  • Edris Naseri

    A very good festival with detailed information. I hope to be able to attend your good festival next year as well.

    June 2021
  • Mark Cade

    This festival is amazing! Very professional and all the films chosen were fantastic. The films were very brave and very artistic, a refreshing and unique look at cinematic art. Because of the COVID situation, this year they changed their format to an Online Festival and did a great job. I hope to attend the Door Kinetic Arts Festival in person in the future with another one of my films!

    June 2021