Presented by the California Film Institute during DocLands Documentary Film Festival May 2-5, 2019, DOCPITCH is an invitation for filmmakers to submit their unfinished FEATURE (60’ or more) documentary projects currently in development.

Up to five filmmakers with feature documentary projects currently in development will be selected to present a three-minute verbal pitch, three- to five-minute trailer and participate in a ten-minute Q&A with the audience, comprised of invited funders, organization representatives, distributors, broadcasters, and the general public.

DocLands is a non-competitive, inclusive festival dedicated to building connections and partnerships and works to invigorate the business and art of nonfiction filmmaking. Through public screenings, engaged conversations and grassroots networking events, DocLands aims to build an active, involved and fully supportive community around documentary film. It showcases documentary film in a variety of genres and with a diversity of content, within three main programming sections (Art of Impact, The Great Outdoors, and WonderLands) while highlighting films that transcend the traditional definition of the documentary.

All members of the audience will be given a ballot so they can vote on their favorite filmmaker pitch. After the presentations, the ballots will be collected and tallied with the winning project announced on site and presented with a $25,000. cash award plus a 2019 CFI Membership.

To be eligible, applicants must submit the following Project Information. Please submit brief key crew member bios (director/ producer) under Credits.

• Title of the project
• Logline
• Synopsis
• Proposal
• Approximate runtime of finished film
• Trailer
• Production stills
• Brief key crew bios (director/producer)
• What stage you expect to be at in May 2019, desired completion date
• Website (if available)

**If you do not yet have a trailer, please include film selects you have to help demonstrate the look of your project. If you have unique aspects or access to share or wish to explain in more depth, please include a Cover Letter.

If your project is chosen to participate in the pitch you will be required to:
• Submit a FINAL 3-5 MINUTE TRAILER by Monday, April 19, 2019.
• Make your own way to DocLands to present your project in person.

***IMPORTANT: If you are unable to make these commitments, you are NOT eligible to enter the DocPitch competition.

The shortlisted filmmakers will be notified no later than Friday, March 29, 2019 with a deadline of April 19 to submit final trailers.

Filmmakers will be DISQUALIFIED if they fail to submit their FINAL 3-5 minute trailer by the deadline or are unable to attend in person.

DocPitch will take place on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at the Smith Rafael Film Center in San Rafael, CA