DiversidArte Social Inclusion short Film Festival is a support created for the promotion, production, and cultural diffusion of Art where its main protagonists are people with intellectual, physical, psychic and sensory diversity along with other groups in situation and risk of exclusion with activities that promote synergies between collectives and their own inclusion as artists within society.

... THE DIFFERENT; those who do not "fit", or are considered "unfittable." Barriers that our NON PROFIT Charity Poten100mos through this project wants to break and demonstrate that DIVERSITY is one of the great riches of our society and Art is Universal.

Best Social Inclusion Documentary- 350€
Best Social Inclusion Fiction short film- 350€

1 The participation in the Short and Documentary Contest DiversimaCine 2021 is open to all Filmmakers over 16 years old, both individually and collectively, regardless of nationality, residence or race.

2 Entry dates: From 12th of March 2021 til 2nd of July 2021

3 Short films in Galician language or created in the Galicia region will be specially valued.

4 Preselection. In order to be shortlisted, the works must meet the following requirements:
• Movies can be silent or sound. If they carry sound, all works must be subtitled in Spanish or Galician (including short films in Spanish, making them accessible to deaf or hearing impaired people)
• The maximum length of the shorts will be 25 minutes.
• Only work done from 2018 to 2021 will be accepted (both included).
• A maximum of two short films must be submitted per author.
• The works must be correctly identified, to be preselected (see shipping methods).
• Authors must hold the rights to exhibit and promote the films and the material entered into the contest.
• Films must content any of the following social issues, which exclusively affect the following groups:
 People with disabilities (physical, intellectual, mental health and / or sensory disability).
 Migrants.
 Ethnic minorities.
 Single parents with dependent children.
 Homeless or affected by housing issues.
 Victims of discrimination, because of sexual orientation or gender identity.
 Asylum seekers.
 People with addiction substance misuse and substance disorders.
 Children or youth affected by bullying
 Long-term unemployed, under 25 or over 55 years old.

5. Public votation. The organization will shortlist a number of documentaries and a number of fiction short films, which will be screened, in two screenings, on 3rd and 10th of September, in a projection room open to the public. Attendees will vote, choosing the best documentaries and the best fiction films, which will be taken onto consideration by the Jury.
6. Jury. The Jury will choose among the works most voted by the public, the best documentary and the best fiction short film. The Prize is to the value of 350€ for each category.
7. The Jury will be composed of relevant figures from culture, film and the social sector. Their decision will Be the final decisión.
8. The contestants are responsible for the short films presented not being subject to any legal claim.
9. Participants will assign the broadcasting rights to the DiversidArte Festival, for educational and non-profit purposes.
10. The two winning works (awarded) will be screened in a final gala, which should be attended by the author, his representative or, failing that a THANK YOU video will be projected it at the awards ceremony.
11. The communication with the participants of the selected works will be completed by phone or email. Besides that, this selection will be published on the social networks of DiversidArte and the Association's website www.poten100mos.org
12. Shipping ways:
 By e-mail: to diversimacine@poten100mos.org through Wetransfer, via Vimeo or Youtube (with password and download option activated) as follows:
• Video files must be a maximum size of 2GB.
• It is essential that subtitles come in Spanish or Galician.
• Files must have an extension MOV, AVI, MP4 or MPEG (codec H264).
 On-line, by the FilmFreeway platform:
• In case of sending entries that do not contain subtitles in Spanish or Galician, they must resend the short subtitle, either by e-mail or by certified mail.
• If they do not contain the minimum required information (see point 13) about the work and the author, they must send it separately, by e-mail to diversimacine@poten100mos.org, to be shortlisted.
 By certified mail: in DVD or pendrive format, being sent to the following address by the contestant:
"Poten100mos Association", Costa da Unión, 9, 1 i, A Coruña, 15005, Spain.
13. Mandatory information. Whatever the way of sending (email, FilmFreeway or ordinary mail) it is mandatory that it contains the following information:
 Film information: specify if you access to the Documentary or Short fiction prize; short film title, cover of the work, synopsis, technical and artistic record, and brief description of the reality that you want to capture.
 Author information: name, photocopy of ID, NIE or passport, telephone, address, email, small curriculum and place of residence.
14. Participation in this Contest implies the acceptance of its rules.