As Oregon's premiere Asian American film festival, DisOrient is celebrating 18 years of presenting the richness and breadth of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander stories and voices. We are committed to promoting social justice and increasing AANHPI representation. We don’t limit to specifically AANHPI stories, but invite submission of good stories that feature Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders in front of and/or behind the camera, in wide-ranging roles.

While the Pacific Northwest is not known for its diversity, DisOrient proudly maintains this platform to amplify diverse voices--and your film will have an impact! Home to the University of Oregon and host of the Track and Field World Championships, Eugene is both down to earth and internationally recognized. Our festival attracts an eclectic, intelligent audience that enthusiastically supports our festival. DisOrient is known for thoughtfully curated films and friendly Eugene hospitality, and is a favorite among attending filmmakers.

We are planning for a 3-day, in-person 2023 festival, with a limited virtual program and encore on Eventive. We are committed to healthy gatherings and will make adjustments as challenging times require. As a volunteer-run film festival, all submission fees go directly towards producing the festival.

We believe in the power of film to bring people together and to inspire positive change!


DisOrient is a dream festival experience. The staff and volunteers make you feel welcomed into a cinematic family and do everything to make one feel at home among a group of dedicated people who care about film and social justice. It's a true community experience and I can't wait to return with a future film! Chihiro Wimbush, DisOrient 2022

Seeing so many Asian stories told from an Asian perspective is both strange and wonderful. Representation does matter! Never having been truly represented before, I didn’t realize how deeply touching it is. Passholder, DisOrient 2022

Thank you for being bold and supporting us, and looking into the future of diverse APA filmmaking. Chris Chan Lee, DisOrient 2022

Wow, so honored to be a part of the DisOrient Asian American Film Festival! They really care about social justice issues, promoting diversity and inclusion, and strengthening and building community. Thank you so much! -Ben Phantom, 2021 filmmaker and musician

Thank you so much for putting on this amazing festival! We found the films to be a wonderfully-curated mix, presenting important issues in uniquely creative ways that continue to provoke valuable discussions within our household to this day. -Audience member, 2021

Thank you for making this experience such a pleasant and enriching one. I have heard that not all festivals are run this smoothly or with as much care, so I applaud you for doing such a stellar job. -Kayla Sotomil, DisOrient 2020

Hats off to DisOrient for creating the best festival experience ever! Top marks for communication, organization, hospitality, warmth, professionalism, enthusiasm, audience diversity, venue quality and caliber of featured works. -Lawrence Chau, DisOrient 2019

DisOrient is an Asian American Film Festival that celebrates independent films with authentic Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander voices, histories and stories. We promote representation, diversity and inclusion to broaden the narrative of who is American and to strengthen and build community. We highlight social justice themes that translate to universal human experiences.

• Best Feature Narrative
• Best Feature Documentary
• Best Short Narrative
• Best Short Documentary
• Audience Award for Best Feature Narrative Film
• Audience Award for Best Short Narrative Film
• Audience Award for Best Feature Documentary Film
• Audience Award for Best Short Documentary Film
• Jason D. Mak Award for Social Justice

To be considered for selection, entries must have completed production after November 30, 2020

We are seeking films “For us, by us and/or about us". Entries must have one of the following:
•A principal that identifies as Asian American/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (writer, producer, director, main actor, cinematographer)
•Be about an Asian American/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander experience or subject
•Be made with Asian Americans/Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders as the target audience


1. Entry Deadlines and Fees
Early Deadline October 28-- Features: $20 USD; $16 Gold
Regular Deadline November 18-- Features: $30 USD; $24 Gold
Late Deadline December 16-- Feature: $40 USD; $32 Gold
All shorts: $15 USD; All music videos: $10 USD

• We do not provide waivers; we encourage artists to take advantage of the early deadline discount. .
• Please read through our submission criteria carefully--we do not provide refunds to unqualified submissions. Feel free to contact us if you have a question or need clarification.

• NOTE: The festival does not pay screening fees.

2. Preview format:
All submissions must be digital. Please provide a working link to an online version of your film on FilmFreeway and/or Vimeo at the time of submission, as well as any passwords necessary to view the film. Vimeo must be set to allow downloads and films must be accessible through March 31, 2023.

3. Electronic Press Kit Packet & Materials, uploaded to FilmFreeway. Press kit must include:
• 2 OR MORE Print quality still images (at least 300 dpi) that will be used to market your film.
• Synopsis (long and short versions)
• Director’s biography & statement
• List of cast and crew, awards, and festival appearances
• Link to a downloadable theatrical trailer (in full quality DV or QuickTime format)

4. Mandatory qualification questionnaire:
• Does your film have a principal that identifies as AANHPI? (writer, producer, director, animator, cinematographer, main actor)
• We are not an international film festival. If your film does not include a North American subject, director, writer, or lead actor, please explain how your film meets our submission criteria.
•Please include names of principal(s), the role they played, and their ethnicity.
• Does the subject matter address an AANHPI experience.? How?
• Is the target audience AANHPI? Explain.
• How did you hear about DisOrient?

*Note: If your film is selected, the festival may also request the following items to maximize exposure for your film: posters, director's photo, trailers, clips, press releases.

Exhibition Copies for Theater screening:
2K or 4K DCP
ProRes 1080p24 QuickTime file
H264 1080p24 Quicktime file
Films should be delivered at 23.98 or 24 fps

Exhibition Copy uploaded to Eventive for Virtual program (if applicable).

Additionally, we would like to expand our closed-captioned offerings; CLOSED-CAPTIONED EXHIBITION COPIES ARE NOT REQUIRED, BUT ARE ENCOURAGED AND GREATLY APPRECIATED!


By submitting a film for consideration, the filmmaker or authorized representative of the submitted work, hereby grant the DisOrient Asian American Film Festival of Oregon permission to publicly display the submitted work both during the festival and for “Encore” and special screenings held at the discretion of the festival (if selected) and understand that the festival does not pay rental fees or appearance fees. In addition, you agree that the DisOrient Asian American Film Festival is not liable for any loss or damage to screeners or exhibition prints and cannot be held financially responsible for any other damages. Submitted preview materials will not be returned. You also agree to allow use of stills, audio, and video clips from the submitted work for promotional purposes. Your signature also certifies that you have received all appropriate copyright clearances and assume full liability for any and all copyright infringement. DisOrient Asian American Film Festival reserves the right to amend policies at its discretion.

DisOrient Asian American Film Festival is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Overall Rating
  • Although it was virtual in 2022, the DisOrient organizers really made a strong effort to make the festival fun and intriguing. Three were great films selected and the people who run it were lovely. Thank you so much for selecting "Cirque du Cambodia" (and then recommending it for another festival!!). I just wish I could have come to Oregon to see it on the big screen.

    June 2022
  • Chihiro Wimbush

    DIsOrient is a dream festival experience. The staff and volunteers make you feel welcomed into a cinematic family and do everything to make one feel at home among a group of dedicated people who care about film and social justice. It's a true community experience and I can't wait to return with a future film!

    April 2022
  • Erik Ta

    We did this virtually, but still a rewarding experience connecting with fellow filmmakers and the DisOrient team. Thoughtful programming. Hope to experience this in person some day.

    June 2021
  • Anna Anaka

    Amidst an incredibly difficult year (on many levels), the DisOrient team truly outdid themselves. They created an excellent virtual experience for the filmmakers and facilitated a wonderful and welcoming community. The thoughtful selection of films left me feeling inspired, informed and truly seen. Thank you Pamela, Susan & the rest of the Disorient Team for all of your hard work!

    May 2021
  • I just have to echo all of the amazing reviews here - what a wonderful festival! Susan and Pam were so thoughtful and supportive in their communication and you could tell how much the entire festival staff cared about the films and the filmmakers. I was so impressed by the amount of community feeling they were able to bring to a virtual festival! Thank you for such an amazing festival, I only hope I can come back for an in-person edition in the future!

    April 2021