The audiovisual work must be original and not narrative. It must be sound. The soundtrack must be an original production or an original remix. It should last between 30 sc. and 2 minutes. The film must present a credits including at least the title of the film and the name of the director (s).

DEADLINE : Submissions due date, April 15st, 2022

*** MAXIMUM RUNNING TIME : 2mins ! ***


- Dérapage Grand Prize
- Prize best animation
- Prize best First Film
- Prize best Video Editing
- Prize best Sound
- Prize best "N’importe quoi!"
- "Coup de coeur" prize

*** MAXIMUM RUNNING TIME : 2mins ! ***

SUBMISSIONS RULES The piece must be original work and non-narrative experimental. The piece must contain sound. The sound has to be original material. The work must be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes. All videos must be submitted as HD 1080p file through an online file sending service. All videos must included credits which minimally include the title of the piece et the director(s)’s name(s).

The organizers keep the right to use the winning videos for its activities and, foremost, to put up Dérapage review programmations. The subscription to Dérapage is free and doesn’t include any other obligations.

*** MAXIMUM RUNNING TIME : 2mins ! ***

Overall Rating
  • So amazed that I could be a part of this. I wish I was able to be there!

    May 2022
  • Humbled to be among such incredible talent at this year's virtual version of the festival. Each piece was a joy to behold. My piece was the shortest in the festival coming in at just 20 seconds (in honor of the undeniably unpredictable year that was 2020). The live screening was like watching experimental / moving image works among friends. Highly recommend (même si votre français est au mieux médiocre).

    June 2021
  • Great festival, Beautiful creations! Very happy to have participated.

    May 2021
  • Mau Schramm

    I am very happy to participate in this festival

    May 2021